Wireless Fibre Bragg Grating Sensing System

Technology Overview

The application of fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in the field of structural health monitoring is on the rise. However, its growth in the sensor market is limited because of its bulky, costly and wired wavelength interrogation system. A novel, wireless FBG sensor module is proposed and showcased. In this technology, the intensity instead of the wavelength of the FBG signal is interrogated. This module consists of a low-cost LED and a photodiode. This module is coupled with electronic circuits for wireless data transmission. The presented FBG sensor module is compact, light in weight, low cost and wireless. Its battery-based operation opens a wide range of applications.

Technology Features & Specifications

The presented system is intensity based FBG interrogation system rather than a wavelength interrogation system. Our system comprises of a low-cost LED light source that replaces the conventional bulky SLED sources. Simple interrogation system which consists of a photodiode and a chirped grating only rather than a complex wavelength tracking system (optical spectrum analyser). Wireless signal transmission to a base-station for remote monitoring. The system is optimized for low power consumption and can be operated with a battery. Static and continuous remote monitoring is possible with our device.

Potential Applications

Strain and temperature monitoring for structural health assessment of civil structures, mechanical structures, aerospace structures etc. Structural health monitoring of offshore structures such as FPSO, ship's hull etc. FBG based devices for Geotechnical monitoring such as inclinometer, pore-water pressure meter, extensometer etc. Remote monitoring of oil and gas pipe lines.

Customer Benefits

Low cost, compact in size and light-weight Low power consumption, battery operated Wireless communication Low maintenance and easy replacement of parts Robust for field monitoring

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