Wireless Non-clogging Ultrasonic Diffuser

Technology Overview

A Singapore company has developed a diffusing technology for use with liquid active materials, such as essential oils, fragrance oils or water based fragrances. The technology is based on an ultrasonic piezoelectric diffusing engine which finely disperses fluid over a period of time determined by the user, with frequency and dispersion modes being adjustable.

The technology has been demonstrated in the form of a battery-powered small form-factor diffuser designed to be non-clogging and does not require water or constant cleaning. The device also provides a means to easily add or remove active material containers and incorporates a novel, staged method for the delivery of active material to the diffusing engine.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • BLE 5.0 technology used to manage the diffusion of a wide and dynamic range of viscosity liquids for multiple applications
  • The diffusing engine is based on patented technology, capable of creating vapor using a non-clogging technology to help diffuse even more viscous liquids
  • Does not require water or constant cleaning
  • Programmable, allowing users to control timing, duration and intensity of diiffusing
  • Wirelessly keep track of the amount of liquid remaining in the container, and be alerted early enough when replacement/refill of liquid is required
  • Ensures a continuous mist without disruption
  • Fluid containers are also designed to be easily removed and replaced by users

Potential Applications

  • Underlying technology is applicable to any applications requiring the dispersion of active materials as aerosols, such as:
    • air fresheners
    • industrial diffusers (e.g. public restrooms, hotel hallways and lobbies, etc.)
    • medical drug delivery systems
    • fuel systems
    • analytical instrumentation etc
  • Also applicable for use as a misting agent for cooling of heat exchangers on residential air-conditioners

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent and reliable liquid diffusing with remotely controllable diffuser performance
  • Lowered manpower costs on replenishing low liquid levels
  • Improved service levels for end customers

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