Wireless Sensing (WISE) Platform for On-demand Monitoring of Post-surgical Complication

Technology Overview

A wireless sensing (WISE) platform has been successfully developed for real-time, continuous monitoring of post-surgical complications like bleeding, infection, compromise in suture integrity etc., even before the symptoms of the complications appear. The platform consists of implantable WISE tags that can be clipped on like a ‘pick-and-place sensor’ to any suture after suturing, in a surgeon-proof method and a handheld WISE reader that can communicate the changes at the deep surgical sites.

Technology Features & Specifications

Tags comprise of battery-less sensors that can be attached to any medical grade suture. As the tag is battery-less, the tag is small (less than 1 cm2) and flexible. Handheld reader wirelessly powers and communicates the changes in the surgical environment through harmonic backscattering technique. The received signals will be analyzed and processed to a simple readout (YES or NO). The system will also alert the clinicians, patients or caregivers when the readout is YES (eg. bleeding).  

Potential Applications

Globally 1 in 50 patients die every year due to post-surgical complications like bleeding, infection, and opening of wound, within 30 days post-surgery. Early detection of these critical life-threatening conditions is critical, but is challenging due to the inaccessibility of the surgical site and advent of late symptoms. Our technology can help detect these complications on-demand.

Market Trends and Opportunities


Market Size (USD $ Billion)



Surgical devices


The capability of our technology in continuous monitoring may also improve treatment of complications that occur after discharge from the hospital, which currently costs USD$24 billion globally. If we can capture at least 5 % of the total global volume of surgeries, we will empower the lives of 30 million patients worldwide.

Customer Benefits

The symptoms of post-surgical complications occur very late and the complications might be fatal. Our wireless platform can communicate the changes real-time. This will reassure the clinicians and care-givers and empower patients.

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