Enterprise Singapore’s Partnership (PACT) programme will feature an enhanced $80 million “Gov-PACT” programme. Under the Gov-PACT, the Government will serve as the large organisation with which SMEs/startups will work with to develop and test-bed innovation solutions that do not yet exist in the market.

Participating government agencies would identify innovative solutions needed and seek partners through calls for proposals. Participating companies will go through different stages of product development from the ideation stage to pilot runs with the support of the lead demand agency.

The opportunity to supply solutions to the Government will help SMEs/startups build up their innovation capabilities. More importantly, this will also help companies to build track record with the Government as their reference customer as the companies scale up locally or export overseas.

The programme will also allow the Government to find relevant and innovative solutions that can address national needs. These include projects from emerging sectors such as urban solutions, security, healthcare, biomedical sciences and the Internet of Things.