Challenge Introduction

FoodInnovate is a multi-agency initiative to equip Singapore-based companies with knowledge and resources to pursue food innovations, with a vision to position Singapore as a location of choice to create food for Asia.

FoodInnovate is led by Enterprise Singapore, and includes Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), Economic Development Board (EDB), IPI Singapore, and JTC Corporation.

Four key strategies of FoodInnovate:

  1. Provide Infrastructure - Develop a network of shared facilities for companies to testbed new ideas and scale-up new products.
  2. Build Knowledge Base - Improve access and encourage learning of food innovation knowledge.
  3. Drive Co-Innovation - Create platforms for co-innovation opportunities among food companies, research institutes and overseas innovation clusters.
  4. Cultivate Disruptive Technologies - Develop an ecosystem to attract and groom food tech startups with innovative products or disruptive processing technologies.

Challenge Additional Info


For programme details, please refer to the “Food for Elders” factsheet.


1) Company Briefing

  • Briefing on the “Food for Elders” initiative and problem statements collated from Lead Entities
22 Jun (Fri)

2) Product Conceptualisation

  • Companies to conceptualise product and provide brief write-up on proposed product to be developed. (See Annex 2 for template.)
  • Proposals will be routed to Lead Entities for matching and selection
  • Deadline for project proposal submission on “Food for Elders” website: 13 Jul (Fri)
Jun to 13 Jul (Fri)

3) Discussion with Partners and CDG application submission

  • Companies with shortlisted proposals to link-up with Innovation Partners and Lead Entities to refine product concept and discuss the product development process
  • Companies requiring financial assistance can tap on Capability Development Grant. Deadline for submitting CDG application on Business Grant Portal: 24 Aug (Fri)
    • Project proposal (see Annex 3)
    • Letter of Interest (LOI) from Lead Entities (see Annex 4)
    • Supporting documents


  • The project and qualification of cost items will be subject to Enterprise Singapore’s evaluation at the point of grant application.
  • Companies are encouraged to discuss the project scope and supportability with ESG prior to submitting the application.
Jul to 24 Aug (Fri)

4) Product development and validation with innovation partner and Lead Entity

  • Companies to embark on product development with innovation partner and Lead Entity
  • Companies to also arrange for validation of products with Lead Entity

Sep 2018 - 3Q 2019

Devt timeline may vary depending on the project.

5) Product exhibition

  • Companies will be required to exhibit developed products at stipulated event(s)
  • Event(s) will be confirmed at a later date
[TBC] 3Q/4Q 2019

You may also wish to refer to briefing materials from the “Food for Elders” briefing & workshop (below).


Interested food companies are invited to attend a briefing and workshop to be held on Friday, 22 June 2018. The problem statements will be released at the briefing.

0900-0915 Registration and Introduction (PDF)

Knowledge sharing by:

  • Ms Michelle Teodoro, Food Science and Nutrition Analyst, Mintel - Market trends for elderly food products in Asia (PDF)
  • Ms Mary-Ann Chiam, Senior Principal Dietician, MAC Consultancy - Elderly needs in food nutrition and texture (PDF)
  • Mr Martyn Wong, Consumer Centric Innovation Manager, Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) - Examples of elderly-friendly food concepts (PDF)
1015-1030 Break
1030-1100 Briefing on “Food for Elders” initiative and release of problem statements (PDF)
1100-1200 Networking session with Innovation Partners and Lead Entities

For any enquiries, please send to:

  • [email protected]  Enterprise Singapore for “Food for Elders” problem statements and programme details
  • [email protected]  – IPI Singapore for technical issues relating to briefing registration and submission of applications.

Challenge Start Date

30 May 2018 12:00 AM (GMT +8)

Challenge Closing Date

13 Jul 2018 11:50 PM (GMT +8)

Briefing Date

18 Jun 2018 09:00 AM (GMT +8)

Briefing Venue

230 Victoria Street #10-00, Bugis Junction Office Tower, Singapore 188024

Briefing Instruction

Please click on the REGISTER button below (after you have login) to register for the briefing. You will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you do not have one. Do note that the deadline for briefing registration is Monday, 18 June, 2018. 

Please arrive early on the day of briefing as you will need to register with security at the lobby.