• Water Tech

    Water Tech

    Water is a critical resource that sustains all lifeforms on Earth that drives agricultural and industrial activities. Despite its abundance, half a billion people in the world face severe water...

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  • AgriFood


    Today, 90% of Singapore’s food supply is imported. Adopting innovative AgriFood technologies is crucial to attaining the country's goal to produce 30% of its nutritional needs locally by 2030. The...

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  • SG MEM

    Singapore Membrane Consortium
    SG MEM

    Traditionally, membrane technology has been widely adopted by the water industry largely due to its lower cost and higher efficiency across the water production, treatment and recycling process....

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  • CoolestSG

    Cooling Energy Science & Technology Singapore

    CoolestSG offers a platform for industry partners and research performers to interact and work together to identify relevant topics, gain insights into Singapore’s future cooling needs, as well as...

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    Smart Grids and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore

    Singapore has invested steadily in research in smart grid technologies in the past decade. These investments have grown a strong base of researchers with expertise in the smart grid and power...

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  • Future Mobility

    Future Mobility

    Future Mobility explores the movement of people and goods, as well as other ancillary services, via new modes and concepts of mobility which could be electric-powered, autonomously-controlled, and as...

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