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Multi-Platform Tri-optical Measurement Sensor for In-Situ Sensing of Water Chemistry

Current technology for chemical sensing in water involves costly laboratory instrumentation or expensive field...

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Network Data Filtering Engine / Appliance

This software engine and appliance allow filtering of data content in wire speed of upto 100Gbps with distributed design. Data content can be input into the...

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‘Smart’ Tattoos: A Novel Approach to Glucose Monitoring

For decades, a simple and convenient way of enabling people with diabetes to monitor their own blood sugar levels has eluded medical science...

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Success Stories

VolitionRx‘s First Ovarian Cancer Detection Study

VolitionRx Ltd is a Singapore-registered life sciences company that develops novel, early diagnostic tests for cancer and other conditions. Its patented technology is based on the identification and quantification of increased presence of specific...

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In-Licensed Technology Enhances V3 Teletech’s Products

V3 Teletech is a homegrown SME that specialises in Location-Based Services & Applications and Intelligent Transport System. It developed the first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Telematics Platform in Singapore that allows enterprises to use...

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“For JST, concluding this MOU with IPI is a very significant step in extending the use of Japanese intellectual property worldwide. With a view to expanding into other Asian markets in particular, cooperation with Singaporean institutions like IPI makes for far greater possibilities in the marketing of technology."

Dr Masashi Shimada, Deputy Director General, Center for Intellectual Property Strategies (CIPS) of JST