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Collaborate with our partners to bridge technology gaps

Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we identify the pain points and craft concise problem statements to engage our innovation network. Enterprises can explore the technology needs gleaned from global industry sources, or seek solutions and expertise to accelerate innovation.

Seeking Printable Conductive or Resistive Inks and Materials
The technology seeker is an established manufacturer of small electrical devices. The company is continually investing in NPD (new product development) and is currently focused on reducing the cost and environmental impact of their products. The electronics industry is investigating the use of conductive and/or resistive inks and materials to replace metallic materials typically used in printed electronics, sensors, heating elements and RFID-based smart packaging, etc. However, many current conductive inks contain silver, which is not acceptable from an environmental standpoint to the company. They therefore wish to identify alternative materials which can still maintain the technical performance required by the end-products. The company is actively searching for potential suppliers and technology companies that could support their product development efforts. They have an established customer base and global operations that provide routes to market for both new and established companies. The company is interested in potential collaboration with groups looking to commercialise relevant technologies and companies who will consider a variety of collaborations, ranging from trading partnerships, licensing through to joint venture and supply.
Seeking Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes to Create Meaty Texture in Plant-based Food
The technology seeker is a global food manufacturer looking for innovative approaches for introducing meaty texture into plant-based meat and fish. Consumers are interested in plant-based foods because of the health benefits of reducing their meat intake, concerns about farm animal welfare, and the high CO2 emissions linked to livestock farming. However, some consumers who have tried plant-based meat list texture as one of the reasons why they chose not to purchase the products again. The company is interested in ingredients and manufacturing processes that can create authentic (look and feel) meaty textures in plant-based meat or fish products. The company is a large and well-established business with production plants and excellent market access globally. The company is open to partnerships and collaborations with companies that have relevant technologies in the space to create future products, and so this represents an excellent opportunity for a new and ongoing business relationship.
Seeking Novel Leavening Technology that Enables Sodium Reduction
A leading snack company is interested in novel leavening solutions (ingredient and/or process technologies) that enable effective sodium reduction for their baked goods portfolio (savory/salty crackers, sweet cookies). Sodium-based leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, SAPP etc.) are commonly used in baked goods to deliver the desired product texture and appearance. Finding alternative solutions that can deliver the same great consumer experience without elevating the pH is of interest.