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Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we identify the pain points and craft concise problem statements to engage our innovation network. Enterprises can explore the technology needs gleaned from global industry sources, or seek solutions and expertise to accelerate innovation.

Seeking Proposals for Singapore-France Joint Innovation Projects (Submit by 31 Dec 2021)
The Singapore-France Joint Innovation Call offers French and Singapore companies the opportunity to collaborate on joint innovation projects with each other. Proposals focusing on developing innovative products and applications in any technological area are welcome. Applicants are expected to develop ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods which have strong potential for the French, Singaporean and/or international market. Enterprise Singapore and Bpifrance will provide access to public funding for jointly selected projects. The programme aims to encourage the development of ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods that have strong potential for the French, Singapore or international market. More information about the submission process can be found at
Seeking Joint Proposals for Germany Singapore SME Funding Programme (Submit by 7 Dec 2021)
Are you a German or Singapore technology company looking for partners to co-innovate on product development, access new markets and tap R&D funding? Enterprise Singapore and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Coordinator: AiF Projekt GmbH) are announcing the 4th call for proposals for joint R&D and innovation projects between Singapore and Germany. Singapore and German-based SMEs are invited to submit joint projects in the research and development of innovative products and applications, with the end goal of commercialisation. The call for proposal is open to all technological and application areas.
Seeking Automation and Sensor Technology for High Intensity Insect Farming
A Singapore-based insect feed company is seeking automation and sensor technology for the insect farming process. The company has developed the know-how to farm insects including black soldier fly (BSF) and mealworms using organic food waste residues as nutritious feed for the insects. Young insect larvae will be grown from eggs until the ideal weight has been met in standardized crates and racking units. Afterwhich, the larvae will be separated from the rearing residue (substrate) for harvesting. In general, solutions and technologies that automate and optimise the insect farming process including feeding, weighing, harvesting and drying are of interest to the tech seeker.
Seeking Partners and Expertise to Retrofit Manual Pallet Jacks for Platooning Operations
A Singapore-based logistics company is seeking solution providers with expertise in retrofitting a fleet of manual pallet jacks for automated operations. The application scenario involves the regular transportation of sensitive equipment from vehicle loading bays to designated locations inside a manufacturing plant. Items to be transported are typically loaded onto several pallet jacks (5 or more) for transporting into a location for offloading and installation. The operation of these manual pallet jacks require one worker to be assigned to each pallet jack, and multiple trips are often involved.  A solution to reduce the manpower requirements for this task is thus desired, to enable one worker to handle several pallet jacks concurrently.
Seeking for Solution to Detect Surface Defects and Damages to Car Bodyworks
A Singapore based company in the land transport sector is seeking solution to detect surface defects, damages to painted surfaces of the bodywork of an automotive and to create a 3D image of the vehicle. At present, this task is carried out manually by a team of inspectors to identify the surface defects and damages. As it is carried out visually by human, it is prone to inconsistencies in the assessment. It takes about 45mins to completely scan the entire vehicle and digitize it into a 3D image.  
Seeking Smartphone-based Solution to Determine the State of Health of an Automotive
A Singapore based company in the land transport sector is seeking a solution to map out the vibrational and sound profiles of automotives. The company has a large fleet of diesel and petrol internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Due to the large number of vehicles involved, it is seeking for a portable, non-contact, smartphone-based solution to map out the vibrational and sound ‘signatures’ of the vehicles so as to ascertain the state of health of these vehicles. At present, this task is carried out manually by a team of skilled technicians using state of the art diagnostic tools that are plugged into the OBD as well as leveraging their years of experience in automotive repairs to identify the state of health of the vehicles. However, due to large size of their fleet and that their fleets are not located in a single locality all the time, it is not economical to deploy technicians to all these localities (including outside Singapore).
Seeking Partners to Incorporate Emotion Recognition A.I
An A*STAR spinoff with 5 years and millions invested into R&D, is seeking technology partners for the Eureka Clusters Artificial Intelligence (AI) Joint Innovation Projects. We measure emotions on facial expressions through their algorithm to deliver real time, non-intrusive analytics for various industries. Only one in the world using psychology circumplex model resulting more precise emotion measurements vs 7 basic emotions in the market Enable Real-time processing and analysis for large crowd and individual emotional state. Only individual Single analysis from competitors. Awards winning technology that account for cultural differences with high accuracy especially in Asia emotion Solutions include APIs, SDK, Apps, Cloud platform, Edge/Raspberry Pi Industry verticals used with emotion A.I include: Retail & Hospitality Selves and POS Emotion survey, guest services/butler/concierge measurement. Human Resource Candidate emotion pre-screening analysis and aptitude testing or training Fast-Moving Consumer Goods FMCG Unbiased genuine emotion feedback, Market research and focus group analytics Emotion insight into A/B testing & packaging Healthcare Emotional enabled devices, health companion, remote measurement via telemedicine. Point of interest Emotional insights into visitors in public attractions, reaction to museum artefacts Smart Cities and security Infuse emotion recognition into IoT for Perimeter Security, Access Control, Strategic Sites, Airport Security, Border Control, Sensors & IoTs, Mega Event Security Smart devices / Appliances Humanise devices to be interactive, empathetic and emotion enabled home devices Automotive Fatigue / frustration detection to reduce diver risk, Taxi passenger analysis on in-car ads Education Assist teaching on content receptiveness online, Mood-meter for classrooms or exhibitions.
Seeking Anti-viral Technology for Food Packaging
Anti-viral technology for packaging would be a significant step forward in increasing consumer confidence when purchasing and handling consumer goods packages. The increasing potential for viral contamination is forcing consumers to be wary of handling products that may have been handled by store personnel or other consumers. Anti-viral packaging technology would allow consumers to confidently choose those products with the least risk of further contamination and eliminate any need for package clean-up when arriving at home.  To offer solutions to consumers’ rising technical and emotional needs, a company is looking for technologies that can be applied to direct food contact packaging, both flexible and rigid, capable of reducing or eliminating viruses and other external pathogens on the packaging surface. 
Seeking Novel Epoxy Solder Paste with Improved Performance Over Conventional Solder Paste
A company is seeking to develop a new epoxy solder paste, with improved performance compared to conventional solder, for feature size <100µm. This new epoxy solder paste is expected to be implemented in applications such as mini/micro-LED, advanced packages SiP, automotive. While existing conventional solder paste technologies is being used in various applications today, they have limited performance in terms of drop test, die shear and adhesion. It gets more challenging when dealing with very small interconnect applications. For example, tin bismuth (SnBi) alloy has been widely used in low temperature reflow applications, but the brittleness is a concern for reliability. The company is thus seeking potential partners to develop a novel epoxy solder paste, as a joint reinforcement paste, that can improve the performance of small feature size (<100µm) applications. The company is open to various modes of collaboration and would like to partner with technology owners that are open to develop their existing technologies based on their requirements.