Crowdsource innovative ideas and co-create solutions

An innovation challenge is an exercise to crowdsource for innovative ideas and technologies, and then the enterprise that initiates the Challenge selects a solution provider that could solve their unique problem. 

IPI helps in two ways. We help enterprises to define their problem statement and to set up the innovation challenge.

We reach out to our extensive network to target suitable groups that we are aware could contribute appropriate solutions. Once submissions are received, we then help to curate a list of the most promising solutions.

For innovators and solvers who might have a partial solution and need help to put together a complete solution, IPI has a pool of Tech Experts that can address any gaps they have in expertise, so that they can put forth a complete solution.

Discover our Innovation Marketplace, and how enterprises can amplify their problem statement by participating at TechInnovation, a premier technology matching event hosted by IPI, increasing its exposure to potential solution providers.