Latest Technology Offers & Needs

Miniaturized Broad Band Near Infrared LED Chip

There is a growing interest for low power consumption, affordable, miniaturized near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers.  Currently tungsten halogen lamps are...

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Antimicrobial Zinc/Zinc Oxide Composite

Increasing antimicrobial resistance has become a public health concern. In addition, current antimicrobial solutions have a risk of safety under prolonged use...

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Better, Faster, Sustainable Plant Extraction Technology for development of quality plant health ingredients from botanicals; and valorization of food processing ‘waste’ to transform into high value functional ingredients

A better, faster,...

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Success Stories

Tasty Buns that are also Good for Health

Driven by its appetite for innovation, home-grown company Lim Kee Food Manufacturing has teamed up with a foodtech firm to improve its popular steamed buns.  As one of Singapore’s leading Chinese pau (steamed bun) makers, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing has...

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Collaboration Enables Optimisation of Controlled-release Technology

If you were to consume a conventional Vitamin C pill, it would disintegrate as soon as it is swallowed, releasing all the Vitamin C at once. In contrast, a controlled-release pill would gradually release the same content, providing...

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“For JST, concluding this MOU with IPI is a very significant step in extending the use of Japanese intellectual property worldwide. With a view to expanding into other Asian markets in particular, cooperation with Singaporean institutions like IPI makes for far greater possibilities in the marketing of technology."

Dr Masashi Shimada, Deputy Director General, Center for Intellectual Property Strategies (CIPS) of JST