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Self-Humidifying Solid Polymer Fuel Cell System

In solid polymer fuel cells, managing the water content of the membrane and the temperature in the stack is crucial to enhancing the performance of the...

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Ankle Foot Orthosis Device

Patients with neurological conditions such as stroke or cerebral palsy or any orthopaedic injury may develop foot drop as a result of weakness of the anterior lower leg...

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Medical Device For Surgery

Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) is a condition affecting the movement of the tendons as they bend the fingers or thumb toward the palm of the hand. This usually...

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Success Stories

Formulated-in-Singapore Suu Balm Sets to Further Expand to Overseas Markets

IPI facilitated a licensing agreement between Good Pharma Dermatology and the National Skin Centre (NSC) to manufacture and market NSC’s proprietary itch-relief formulation to the mass market in December 2013. Following that...

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Overcoming “Last Mile” Logistics Challenges with Smart Real Time Traffic Prediction and Route Planning

The “last mile” problem in logistics refers to the last leg in the delivery of a product from supplier to customer. It is often the least efficient link in the supply chain. For local third-...

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“For JST, concluding this MOU with IPI is a very significant step in extending the use of Japanese intellectual property worldwide. With a view to expanding into other Asian markets in particular, cooperation with Singaporean institutions like IPI makes for far greater possibilities in the marketing of technology."

Dr Masashi Shimada, Deputy Director General, Center for Intellectual Property Strategies (CIPS) of JST