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Augmented Reality (AR) Head Up Display to Enable Vehicular Operations Intelligence
The technology offer is an Augmented Reality (AR) through Head-Up Display (HUD) for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), in which a transparent display that presents data on the windscreen without requiring the user to look away from his or her usual working viewpoint. Therefore, this will allow the machine driver to stay focused on his work whilst at the same time read the important messages such as measurements, instructions, work-orders and warnings. The technology can be applied in construction machines, forklifts, harbour cranes, forest machines and agricultural machines. The technology is field-proven, and the company is looking to initiate first production targeting one or a few OHV markets. For their value proposition, the company's HUD visualization hardware system compromises optics, electronics and mechanics protected by intellectual properties (IPs) which can be licensed.
Metal Surface Nanofoam Current Collector for High Performance Li-ion Battery
Ultrasonic synthetic method is used to prepare various nano-porous (nanofoam) metal current collectors, including, but not limited to, copper metal for anode and aluminum/nickel metal for cathode. The innovative nanofoam metal current collectors are used to prepare high performance lithium ion (Li-ion) battery, which shows good capacity retention and cycling stability even under fast charge/discharge rates. It is easy to be industrialized and can improve rapid charge/discharge rates and electrochemical capacity retention of Li-ion battery.
Unified IIOT Cloud Platform for Smart Factory
This technology offer is a full-fledged Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform with a combination of proven technologies – Edge and Cloud Computing. The platform orchestrates the transport of extremely detailed data from industrial devices—anything from the machines in a factory to the engines inside an aeroplane—that are filled with sensors for real-time sharing between machine to machine (M2M) and enterprise to enterprise (E2E) to make processes more efficient and its potential to enable faster and better decision making. The advent of tiny low-cost sensors and high-bandwidth wireless networks now means even the smallest devices can be connected up, given a level of digital intelligence that allows them to be monitored and tracked, and can share data on their status and communicate with other devices. All of this data can then be collected and analyzed to make business processes more efficient, thanks to the platform, each of its elements are sufficiently mature and cheap enough that projects can be financially viable.
Magnetic Cooling and Wasted Heat-to-Electricity Conversion
Global warming is accelerating and credible solutions in refrigeration are struggling to emerge. Aware of the enormous energy and environmental footprint of thermal production in the world, the technology owner is developing magnetic cooling modules from 20 to 100 kW with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency as well as machines for conversion into electrical energy from sources of solar or lost heat (below 100°C). The refrigeration solutions widely used today are high pressure refrigerant gas compressors. This technology, dating from the 1920s, is mature and well mastered. Its performance is modest and the refrigerants used have a negative environmental impact. Many sectors are therefore seeking new refrigeration solution that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. The proposed technology relates to a magnetic refrigeration device that operate without refrigerant gas. The electricity consumption is at least 50% lower than traditional refrigeration systems. It is a green technology with great potential for the environment. The technology owner also developed a device to efficiently convert low sources of wasted heat into electricity. The two technologies are very similar and rely on the same magnetic core expertise. The technology owner is seeking partners to collaborate through various models including custom-made prototypes, co-development projects, technology licensing and strategic partnership.


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Seeking Drone and Facilities Partners to Integrate and Testbed Structure Inspection Tech
We are a Singapore startup with core technology in AI-assisted image post-processing. Our technology is available as a platform and is in prototype stage. Our propietary algorithms allows us to quickly scan through images where our AI models will identify trained-for image indicators e.g., wear and tear of structures, building defects, annomalities. We are applying this technology in the Smart Building Inspection space for purposes such as periodic facade inspection (PFI). Our technology is able to process image output from drone inspections to quickly compile a report for building management or inspectors. The report will contain imagery representing 3D generated model of the building structure. Our team possesses personnel with the know-how and license to operate for drone flights. The team possess domain expertises in the areospace and marine industry, as such they are no strangers to structure inspections and will be able to provide an environmental scan to provide for a customised fit for the final outputted structure/building inspection report. Our AI platform allows for human-in-the-loop machine learning model training. By working with structure/building experts over a number of drone flights and inspections, we use their labelled data to train more accurate and precise machine learning models, to allow for a fully autonomous defects identification and generation of inspection report; from input of drone flight images, to output of report.
Seeking Chocolate and Fat-based Filling Mouthfeel Modification Solutions
A significant challenge in product reformulation to achieve reduced sugar/fat/calorie content in chocolate and fat-based fillings is mouthfeel. Chocolate and fat-based fillings are suspensions of finely ground particles (e.g. sugar, milk powders, cocoa powder) in a continuous fat phase (e.g. cocoa butter and/or other vegetable fats). Standard chocolate and fat-based fillings have a continuous fat phase content of 27 – 32% (by weight) with the remaining 73 – 68% being finely ground particulates. When chocolate or fat-based filling is chewed, the solid fat phase is physically broken down by the teeth and begins to melt and mix with saliva. In standard chocolate, the concentration of the particles (i.e. the extent of interaction with oral surfaces) and the properties of the particles (solubility, water binding/absorbing etc.) result in the classic chocolate texture. If fat content is reduced, the relative proportion of the particle phase will increase, therefore leading to a greater extent of particle interaction with oral surfaces, and typically a harder texture, more crumbly texture and dryer/powdery mouth feel. If sugar content is reduced, and replaced with an alternative particle (e.g. soluble and/or insoluble fibre), then although the concentration of particles may not increase, the fibres will have a greater, negative textural impact. For example, they can mix with saliva and become sticky and due to low solubility, can be perceived as rough or powdery. If both fat reduction and sugar reduction are attempted simultaneously, then both issues are present.
Seeking Mild Processing Technology for Oils/Fats and Proteins Production
We are working with an established ingredients manufacturer supplying the food industry with a range of oils/fats and proteins. The production of these ingredients can require extensive processing, high energy consumption, and the use of large quantities of organic solvents (e.g. hexane), all of which provide environmental risks. The food industry and its supply chain currently face the dual challenge of moving to more sustainable sources (requiring alternative sources of oils/fats and proteins that can provide similar yield/quality to products such as palm oil), whilst finding ‘greener’ methods of processing that don’t require the use of organic solvents and capital intensive processes. This shift to sustainable farming and processing is being increasingly demanded by more knowledgeable consumers keen to protect the environment and the long-term health of the planet and its occupants. The client has committed to extending and improving the sustainability of their operations and seeks innovative partners to enable this change. The client is therefore actively searching for partners with expertise in the mild (sustainable and/or solvent-free) processing of plant-based raw materials that could enable the future production of oils/fats and proteins suitable for the food industry. We are therefore interested to connect with start-ups and established companies that can demonstrate proof of concept at pilot scale and beyond, for technologies with the potential for production scale within 5 years (>100s of tons).
Seeking UVC LED Technologies for Antimicrobial Applications
This company is seeking a human-safe UVC LED technology that is suitable for antimicrobial applications, specifically against viruses, to be used in areas that are at risk of bacterial or viral infections. UV radiation is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been classified to have wavelengths of 100 – 400nm, and within this range of wavelength, it is further broken down into 3 sections, UVC (short wavelength, 100 – 280nm), UVB (middle wavelength, 280 – 315nm) and UVA (long wavelength, 315 – 400nm).  Conventional broad-spectrum UVC is highly effective against bacteria and viruses by disrupting the molecular bonds of the DNA, and are commonly used in decontamination applications, especially in the medical sector. However, the conventional UVC is also a known human health hazard, causing skin cancers and cataracts, limiting its usefulness in public areas. The company is thus seeking new and innovative UVC LED technologies that are effective against bacteria and viruses, yet harmless to humans, to be employed indoors, in locations such as transportation, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc., where there is a need to maintain a safe environment through frequent disinfection. Technology owners should be open to work closely with the company to test the solution, and further develop the technology to meet the said requirements.

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