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Method and System for Collaborative Security Key Generation for Ad-hoc Internet of Things (IoT) Nodes

Security of the IoT nodes are increasingly becoming an important and critical challenge to solve...

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Optimized Expression and Purification Of Full-length Dengue NS1 Proteins

Dengue NS1 protein is one of the seven non-structural proteins essential for dengue virus replication. It exists as a...

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Human Midbrain-like Organoids (HMLOS) for Disease Modelling and Drug Testing

Organoid cultures have diverse potentials for toxicology, drug screening and even disease modelling in vitro. So far,...

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Success Stories

Innovative Hybrid Wide Area Location Tracking System

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are positioning technologies that identify and track the location of assets or people at any given time. These automated solutions reduce the need for manual tracking and make daily operations, such as inventory...

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3D Vision Enables Robotic Bin Picking

Enterprises around the world are progressively integrating automation and robotics in their processes. The same disruptive technologies are also developing and converging. One such growth trend is the combination of machine vision with robotics to add new...

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“For JST, concluding this MOU with IPI is a very significant step in extending the use of Japanese intellectual property worldwide. With a view to expanding into other Asian markets in particular, cooperation with Singaporean institutions like IPI makes for far greater possibilities in the marketing of technology."

Dr Masashi Shimada, Deputy Director General, Center for Intellectual Property Strategies (CIPS) of JST