Our Story

IPI is an innovation catalyst that creates opportunities for enterprises to grow beyond boundaries.

As a subsidiary of Enterprise Singapore, IPI accelerates the innovation process of enterprises through access to its global innovation ecosystem and advisory services.

Through our multidisciplinary expertise and global network, we provide enterprises with access to innovative ideas and technologies. We facilitate and support enterprises' innovation processes, including commercialisation and go-to-market strategies.

We believe innovation is key to enterprise growth.
Serving global, regional and local innovation needs, we seek to bring Singapore and the world together on a journey of innovation and growth.

Grow beyond with new knowledge & resources
Grow beyond through co-innovation
Grow with our support
Grow beyond our shores
Our Purpose

Creating Opportunities for Enterprises to Grow through Innovation

Our Promise

Growth Beyond Boundaries



Established in 2011, IPI has been serving many enterprises and partners across a wide spectrum of industries, covering different technical domains.

Over the years, with the expansion of our portfolio of services, growth of our global innovation network and introduction of our new Innovation Advisors Programme, we have updated our new brand identity to better represent who we are and what we offer as your Innovation Partner for Impact.

Our People

LAST UPDATED: 24 Nov 2021

Our People

Our people are our most valuable asset. 

Having experience in multiple fields, they offer deep expertise, as well as an empathetic mindset to understand organisations’ unique needs and challenges for further progress and growth in innovation.

Board Of Directors

Tan Soon Kim
Deputy Managing Director, Markets, Enterprise Singapore
Chairman, IPI
Joanne Tan
Deputy Managing Director, Industry, Enterprise Singapore
Emily Liew
Assistant Managing Director, Innovation, Enterprise Singapore
Wong Lup Wai


Wong Lup Wai
Michael Goh
Peter Tay
Director, Innovation Advisory
Alvin How
Director, Strategy, Marketing & Communications


John Clarke
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Denise Kwok
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Lim Su Peng
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Dr Jezon Ow
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Faith Teng
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Dr Grace Wee
Principal Manager, Innovation Advisory
Goh Siong Teck
Cluster Head, Innovation & Technology
Lee Ya Ling
Cluster Head, Innovation & Technology
Ethan Siew
Principal Manager, Innovation & Technology
Eric Woo
Principal Manager, Innovation & Technology
Adeline Chan
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Jiang Yumin
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Steven Lee
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Aditya Singh
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Paula Sng
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Rithika Venkatesh
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Dr Tina Zhu
Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology
Leonard Chong
Manager, Innovation & Technology
Dr Mango Loo
Manager, Innovation & Technology
Eunice Soh
Manager, Innovation & Technology
Anwar Khan
Head, Digital Platforms
Ratna Kwanditanto
Data Engineer, Digital Platforms
Tay Jun Hao
Manager, Digital Platforms
Jasmine Leong
Principal Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Michelle Lee
Senior Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Jeslyn Chen
Senior Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Ben Tan
Senior Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Rosini Naidu
Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Anne Lee
Senior Executive

Our Culture

Over the years, we have built an intrinsic culture of passion and curiosity, which compels us to challenge our thinking and work everyday. We highly encourage proactive learning and creating new ideas to incubate, flourish and put to action.
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Our Network

Our wide global and regional network of industry and technology partners open many doors of opportunity for cross-sector and cross-border innovation partnerships.

Enterprises are able to leverage our network with innovation nodes around the world, including the Europe Enterprise Network (EEN) – the largest business network in the world.

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Who We Serve

Accelerated growth through innovation.
Over the years, we have enabled many enterprises in their innovation journey with our strong multidisciplinary expertise and network of partners. Through which, enterprises are empowered with expert advisory and insights, technology matches, resources and support to grow beyond their boundaries.
Technology Partners
Opening doors of opportunities.
We have built a strong global and local network of relevant technology providers and seekers that are actively seeking open innovation opportunities.
Partnering with us means gaining access to our wide network of industry partners that can bring your technologies to market, as well as other technology partners, thereby creating endless collaboration and co-creation opportunities.
Fostering a vibrant innovation ecosystem.
In catalysing innovation for enterprise growth, we have built a thriving ecosystem of innovative local and international collaborators that are focused on supporting cross-industry and border technology partnerships.
Our extensive network enables collaborators to delve into a rich resource of connections and opportunities for innovation-led progress.