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Year in Review 2022
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Our editorials spotlight technology trends that are redefining the future as well as feature perspectives on open innovation from entrepreneurial innovators.
The Art of Giving for Effective Leadership
The Art of Giving for Effective Leadership
[PROFILE FEATURE] Being an SME, IPI Innovation Advisor Shaun Smithson loves working with the Innovation Advisors Programme (IAP) partners as they are SMEs and live the challenges of being a small business every day.   Shaun Smithson has decades of experience in the Food Services and Hospitality industry. First receiving culinary training at Walt Disney World, he then gained a...
How SMEs can steer towards transformation
How SMEs can steer towards transformation
[INSIGHTS FROM IPI'S LEADERSHIP TEAM] Michael Goh, Chief Operating Officer at IPI encourages startups and SMEs to embrace transformation and work with trusted partners like IPI to spring ahead of the competition.   The phrase ‘volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity’, or VUCA for short, has become a commonly heard term that encompasses the challenges companies face in an ever-changing business...