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Movement of IPI's Board Members
It is with both sadness and gratitude that we announce the stepping down of Edwin Chow from IPI’s Board of Directors on 31 January 2023. Edwin is an advocate of open innovation and has been instrumental in shaping the services that we offer; he oversaw the conceptualisation and development of IPI’s Tech Expert initiative and has helped to shape the...
IPI Year in Review 2022
Imagine a world where innovation didn't exist. Would the world even exist, then? IPI's annual publication '2022 Year in Review', is a reflection of our achievements for the past year, event highlights and a celebration of our clients' successes. 2022 has been a great year with borders re-opening and IPI has always been at the frontier in supporting businesses to grow beyond their boundaries. The...


The Future is Fermentation
Going beyond gut health to boost global food security Fermentation can do more than make food taste better and last longer—it may hold the key to building a more resilient, sustainable global food system.   What do kimchi, kombucha, and kefir have in common? They are all tasty, fermented foods widely known for their health benefits. An age-old food preservation...
Interview with Pioneer Environmental Technology
[CLIENT INTERVIEW] I remember our first meeting with IPI at Singapore International Water Week in 2012. At the time, Pioneer Environmental Technology (Pioneer) was looking for a partner to evaluate the performance of ceramic membranes, found in our filtration systems for solid-liquid and liquid-liquid separation. Our company specialises in products and services for water and wastewater treatment, including the provision...

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Baking Longer-lasting Vegan Goods for Overseas Markets
For many years, Jane Tan had a personal mission: to find a delicious birthday cake for her god-daughter. While this might sound like a simple task, Jane’s god-daughter had developed allergies to nuts and eggs, and sensitivities to dairy and gluten at a young age. Hence, finding a cake for the little girl to eat safely was no easy feat....


Grouting Made Fast and Hands-free
The ambition to automate an extremely labour-intensive building process saw Fabrica.AI working with IPI tech expert Mr Garrick Soon. Their goal: an improved robot prototype that could speed up the laying of floor tiles while lowering construction costs. Fabrica.AI Pte Ltd is a local start-up on a mission to boost construction productivity with a robot designed to accelerate the tile-grouting...


Scaling Up Globally for Sustainable Growth
For local agrifood tech enterprise ProfilePrint, success is beyond securing patented technologies that profile and predict the quality of food ingredients on the go. Supported by IPI’s strategic experts, the company also raised funds and ramped up global expansion plans to ride the growing demands for food ingredient premiumisation. Can one identify the molecular signatures of food ingredients or determine...


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Sustainability Week Asia
Countries and business leaders perceive economic, social and environmental sustainability as a mainstream method for creating new business opportunities and a better future. As the world’s economic situation changes, it is critical to ensure that boards, wider corporate teams and stakeholders are focused on practical action. Sustainability Week Asia helps you cut through the noise surrounding sustainability, giving an independent guide...

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