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TechInnovation 2021 Goes Fully Digital With Focus on Collaboration, Innovation, and Sustainability
The 10th edition of TechInnovation presents an array of opportunities to catalyse technology transfer and partnerships for business growth. 28 September 2021, SINGAPORE - TechInnovation 2021, IPI’s flagship technology matching event, commences today as a fully digital event that runs for 24 hours a day from 28 to 30 September 2021. It brings together international technology providers and enterprises to...
TechInnovation 2021 Virtual Exhibition to Showcase Sustainable Energy, Food, and Healthcare Solutions
IPI’s flagship technology brokerage event will spotlight the latest global sustainability solutions from 28 to 30 September 2021. 21 September 2021, Singapore -- Climate change is greatly impacting cities, creating challenges in terms of infrastructure, carbon footprint, food production, and health. It is crucial that we harness technology to make the transformational changes we need to overcome the impact of...


Innovations to Change the World
From sustainable packaging materials to new ways to diagnose and treat cancers, TechInnovation 2021 will showcase an array of groundbreaking technologies from around the world that could revolutionise industries and change the world. The event, presented by IPI, returns for its 10th edition this year as a digital event that will run around the clock from September 28 to 30,...
Dreeming up a Better Rested World
Advancing the science of sleep through tech With their sleep monitoring technology, the sleep science pioneers at Dreem intend to leverage new telehealth trends that have emerged amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to how our devices need to be plugged in and charged regularly, humans too, need time to rest and reenergise—eight hours a night to be exact. Both the...

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From Soy Whey Water to Sustainable Beverages
Commercialising eco-friendly food technology By offering invaluable food science and business advice, Dr Ong Mei Horng is helping SinFooTech to get their innovative and sustainable alcoholic beverage market ready. While we might not always stop to think about it, the production of some of our favourite foods—beef, chicken, corn and more—can be rather damaging to the earth. But beyond food,...


Cooking up Shelf-stable Sauces for International Markets
Extending shelf life with food science and technology First Gourmet CEO Joseph Lee saw the growth potential for his Indian food in overseas markets from the international franchise requests that he received.  However, the sauces that are instrumental to the dishes served in First Gourmet’s award-winning restaurants – Prata Wala, Zaffron Kitchen and Pavilion Banana Leaf – needed to be...


Revolutionising Massage Technologies with AI
Product customisation is not a new concept for many industries, but the true challenge comes with designing and developing products that serve the real needs of today’s consumers. Modern-day consumers desire greater convenience and customisation in the products they purchase. They want products that deliver an enjoyable experience that seamlessly integrates into their lifestyles and routines. For OSIM International, a...


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Singapore International Energy Week
The Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) is an annual platform for energy professionals, policymakers and commentators to share best practices and solutions within the global energy space. First held in 2008, SIEW is organised by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our main goals are to ensure a reliable and...
Technology Commercialisation Webinar
Accelerate Your Technologies’ Time to Market Effectively With increasing attention on generating returns from R&D investment, there is a growing interest to understand the role of technology transfer, mechanisms and best practices to bring Intellectual Property (IP) and technologies to market. This five-day Technology Commercialisation Webinar empowers you with the knowledge, skillset and confidence to navigate the complexities related to...
Nordic Innovation House Singapore (NIH-SG) - Smart and Sustainable Cities Nordic Showcase
Through co-creation and co-development opportunities, the Nordics strong technologies in pushing green buildings, energy efficiency, climate adaption, low carbon footprints and circular solutions can enable Singapore to reach its goals in the Singapore Green Building Masterplan and Singapore Green Plan 2030, a green movement to advance the nation’s agenda on sustainable development and actions to tackle climate change.  This November, in partnership with IPI and Enterprise Singapore, Nordic...

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