Date/ Time
27 Apr 2023

Supported by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), The Beacon and Scaleup Vlaanderen will jointly organise a technology trade mission to Singapore from 24 – 28 April 2023.

This trade mission will be centred around the Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), which is one of the largest maritime and technology conferences in the world. Positioned as a global hub port and leading international maritime centre, the SMW will bring together key stakeholders in the industry to network and exchange ideas.

As part of the programme for the technology trade mission, IPI will facilitate a networking Seminar on 27 April 2023 with the Belgian companies.

Participants joining the event will have to opportunity to hear from and network with Belgian companies, from the biotech, maritime, safety, security, supply chain and logistics sectors, to explore opportunities and partnerships for business growth.


Event Details

Date: 27 April 2023, Thursday

Time: 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM

Venue: HUONE, Forest Room, 3D River Valley Road, #03-01, Singapore 179023



2.00 - 2.30 PM

Pre-registration & Networking

2.30 - 2.35 PM

Welcome Remarks

2.35 - 2.40 PM

Opening Remarks

2.40 - 4.00 PM

Technology Pitching

4.00 - 5.00 PM

Booth Visitation & Networking


Companies you will meet at the event: 

Basil Integrates data from different and often hard-to-reach sources, even outside the organisation. 
Cinvio Simplifies and facilitates trade between stakeholders through its payment platform and digital wallet solution.
Dockflow Empowers the logistics teams to work more efficiently and pleasantly, so companies can deliver better service and focus on meaningful tasks.
EyeSee A behavioural analytics company that employs eye tracking and facial coding to track the impact of marketing, advertising, digital solutions and innovations.
Handprint Helps companies integrate sustainability actions into their business processes with regenerative SaaS solutions. 
Intigriti An award-winning cybersecurity company that specializes in incentivized security testing through bug bounty programs.
Nallian The world’s first provider of an open ecosystem of collaborative solutions underpinned by a next-generation data sharing platform for logistics hubs.
NxtPort International Offers an innovative data-sharing platform to create a sustainable, safe, and efficient supply chain.
Port of Antwerp-Bruges Hosts Europe’s largest chemical cluster and supports the European Green Deal to become climate neutral by 2050.
Rombit Studio Provides productive, secure and sustainable solutions for multimodal logistics, maritime services, construction, manufacturing and other heavy industries.
Sealution Improves connectivity on board of merchant vessels by network of IoT devices to enable data collection below deck.
SettleMint Enables a high-performance, Web3, low-code development and middleware environment through its full-fledged BaaS solution.
T-Mining Improves efficiency in logistics and transport by better data sharing and secure title transfer.
Unifiedpost Automates digital processes that allows real-time and seamless connections between customers, their suppliers, their customers, and other parties along the financial value chain.
Wasna Aims to reduce the cost of cell culture medium by approximately 95% through their proprietary solution, enabling scaling up of cultured meat industry.