Date/ Time
15 Apr 2024 - 15 May 2024

Co-organised by the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) and the Greentech Financing Platform (GFP), the 'Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award 2024' welcomes green and low-carbon technology enterprises from around the world to apply. Building upon the success of the 'Bluetech Award' since 2015, this initiative focuses on evaluating technology enterprises and entrepreneurial teams in key low-carbon sectors such as new energy, green transportation, and energy conservation. With a six-year track record, the Bluetech Award boasts a robust evaluation mechanism and an extensive project network spanning over 20 countries, contributing to global efforts towards carbon neutrality.

From now until 15 May 2024, enterprises can participate in the application. After preliminary screening, internal review, roadshow, expert review and other steps, the award results and ceremony will be held at the annual meeting of the Greentech Financing Platform (GFP). There is no charge for the whole award selection process.

Requirements for Application

  1. Enterprises or entrepreneurial teams in the field of green technology.
  2. The products or services of the enterprise have relatively high technological content and innovative significance.
  3. The products or services of the enterprise have obvious greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits and other environmental benefits.
  4. The enterprise has a relatively good corporate governance mechanism and social responsibility performance.

BCAA and GFP will provide the following support to the winning and participating enterprises:

  • Low Carbon Strategy Support: Provide professional guidance to help companies enhance competitiveness towards carbon peaking and carbon neutrality;
  • Industrial Matchmaking: Assist in systematic matchmaking with the industrial ecosystem of partners;
  • Demonstration & Publicity: Recommend companies participating in real-world demonstration projects, including relevant schemes under the United Nations networks;
  • Entrepreneurial Community: Assist in joining in the exclusive carbon neutral entrepreneur community;
  • IP Empowerment: Provide IP strategy guidance, establish IP portfolio, and manage IP risks;
  • Financing Assistance: Assist in matchmaking with lead & strategic investment funds.

Please download the brochure here to find out more about the Award.