Cultivate Business Growth through Open Innovation and Collaboration

In today’s complex and competitive business world, companies that do not innovate risk being obsolete and irrelevant. Instead of relying entirely on internal ideas, open innovation allows companies to tap onto external ideas and technologies for their own businesses, while allowing their unused ideas to be used by others.

The five-day Open Innovation Webinar offers innovation managers from corporates, SMEs or government agencies insights into how open innovation can work for their organisations, and give them access to tools and platforms offered by IPI to accelerate their innovation journeys through collaboration.


  • Two-hour pre-webinar briefing
  • Three-hour webinar sessions over five weekdays


  • Pre-webinar briefing: 7 Jan 2022, 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm
  • Webinar: 10-14 Jan 2022, 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

         (not inclusive of GST)

  • Standard fees: S$1,400
  • Subsidised fees: S$1,000 
    (for Singapore Government
    Agencies, SMEs and Public
    Research Institutions




24 Dec 2021


Mellissa Ang  |  +65 6653 4931  | [email protected]


This industry-oriented and hands-on webinar empowers participants to:

  • Understand the concept of Open Innovation and its best practices to accelerate internal innovation.
  • Apply different types of Open Innovation tools and platforms at the workplace.
  • Understand and access the global innovation networks.
  • Acquire the basics of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, concepts in IP management and equip with knowledge on IP strategy in Open Innovation.
  • Learn more about challenge-driven innovation and platforms to support such innovation challenge initiatives within the organisation and with external partners.


Leaders and managers who are interested to apply open innovation strategies to bring new products and services to market more quickly, including:

  • R&D or innovation and enterprise managers and officers
  • Corporate and SME innovation managers



Dr Sze Tiam Lin
Head of Innovation & Technology, IPI

Michael Goh
Deputy Head of Innovation & Technology, IPI

Alvin How
Head, Food, Healthcare and Sustainability, IPI

Click here to download more details about the Module Outlines.

Day 1

Introduction to Open Innovation

Day 2

Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) and IP Management

Day 3

Understanding and Accessing Innovation Networks

Day 4

Essentials of IP Strategy in Open Innovation

Day 5

Essential Tools and Platforms to Support Open Innovation and Challenge-Driven Open Innovation


  • Participants are strongly advised to apply at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Applications received after the registration deadline will be considered based on space availability.
  • As this is a hands-on webinar, participants are advised to identify some technologies or problem statements as materials to prepare for the practical sessions.
  • Please prepare laptops or electronic devices that has internet access for the group discussions and practical assignments.



Dr Sze Tiam Lin
Head of Innovation
& Technology, IPI


Dr Sze Tiam Lin is the Head of Innovation & Technology IPI, an affiliate of Enterprise Singapore set up to catalyse and enable enterprises to grow their business through technology and innovation. IPI promotes Open Innovation, and works with enterprises to source for technologies both locally or from abroad; and facilitates R&D collaboration and technology transfer to bring new and innovative and services to the market.

Under his leadership, IPI has established itself as a leading advocate and practitioner in Open Innovation. IPI has developed numerous platforms to support corporate, enterprise and government agencies in open innovation.

Prior to IPI, Dr Sze held several Senior Vice President appointments at Exploit Technologies (now A*ccelerate), the commercialisation arm of Agency for Science, Technology and Research. He has successfully commercialised technologies ranging from infocomm, manufacturing, semiconductors, materials, chemicals, nanotechnologies to medical devices.  Dr Sze is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) with Licensing Executive Society (LES) US-Canada.

Dr Sze holds a Ph.D. and B.Eng in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and attended an executive program in Strategic R&D Management at INSEAD, Fontainebleau.



Michael Goh
Deputy Head of
Innovation &
Technology, IPI


Michael Goh is responsible for the Energy & Environment, Materials & Chemical and Manufacturing clusters at IPI. He has been involved in providing advisory on IP management and technology commercialisation.

Prior to IPI, Michael was a Deputy Director at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), where he worked with public agencies to develop IP management capabilities.

Before joining IPOS, Michael held various positions in Exploit Technologies (now A*ccelerate), where the last position he held was Assistant Vice President, Science & Engineering Commercialisation. Before joining Exploit Technologies, Michael spent eight years as a project manager of defence-related projects.

Michael possesses a M.Phil and B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST).


Alvin How
Head, Food,
Healthcare and
Sustainability, IPI

Alvin How is Head of Food, Healthcare and Sustainability at IPI. He works with enterprises from the food, healthcare and chemical industries to understand their innovation gaps and connect them to enabling technologies, innovations and know-how from an extensive network of technology partners. In addition, Alvin trains enterprises on challenge-driven open innovation

Before joining IPI, Alvin worked as a Senior Chemist in specialty chemical firms where he accumulated knowledge in formulating, developing and providing technical assistance for industrial resins, decorative resins and other wood related resins. He has completed numerous studies on chemical compounds, materials surface, polymer systems, and also successfully supported multiple scale-up trials in Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Alvin holds a Master of Business Administration from Singapore Management University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore.