Co-innovate Smart Solutions with Panasonic

The Panasonic Co-creation Programme enables enterprises to explore technology transfer and licensing opportunities with the leading global technology leader. For the first time, Panasonic has curated an exclusive pool of Intellectual Property (IP) open for development into wide-ranging applications such as infocomms, materials, personal care, energy and more.  

Selected enterprises will be able to collaborate with Panasonic on licensing arrangements and technology transfer to commercialise innovative products and bring these to market. 

If you are keen on learning more about these enabling technologies from Panasonic, please submit an enquiry under the specific technology offer below. 

Featured Technology Offers

Menu Personalisation System
In recent times, more restaurant customers prefer to place their food orders on their own, using mobile apps, due to the convenience of doing so. Many restaurant owners also prefer this method of food ordering because it helps to reduce waiters’ workload and issues arising from customer orders...
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Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Particles for Water Treatment
Arsenic is a toxic metal that has long polluted water bodies, posing potential human and aquatic health concerns even when present in low concentrations. Prolonged consumption of arsenic-contaminated groundwater can cause cancer and other health diseases...
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Software Tool to Assess User Attentiveness During Online Engagements
This technology offer is a software tool that can be used to assess the level of attentiveness of a user during online engagements, such as during an online meeting, or an online lesson. The software tool is run in the background when a user launches an online meeting platform...
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Water-Repellent Particles for Farming and Desalination System
In arid environments, water-holding sheets are required to contain sufficient water for agricultural growth. However, one downside to the use of such sheets is the lack of gaseous permeability that could hamper the growth of plants...
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High Efficiency Tubular Thermoelectric Generator
Thermoelectric technology enables direct energy conversion from heat into electricity and and has attracted much attention as a renewable energy solution. However, conventional thermoelectric devices have complicated structures, restrictive shapes...
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Restaurant Search Engine with Enhanced Filters
Restaurant search engines based on various user ratings are available on many websites or mobile applications. Most of these search engines rank the restaurants based on reviewers’ input, or by the user’s location or proximity to the restaurants...
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