Date/ Time
6 Jun 2023

Did you know that Estonia…

  • Is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, with a secure and efficient e-governance system;
  • Leads Europe in startups, unicorns and investments per capita;
  • Has a collaborative ecosystem for industrial R&D, including academic, accelerators and competence centres;
  • Has a highly skilled workforce in software development, cybersecurity, engineering and electronics;
  • Has well-developed IT, digital health and manufacturing sectors, with a strong focus on electronics, IOT and mechanical engineering;
  • Is emerging as a center of expertise in food technology, supported by its world-class IT industry and blockchain technologies;
  • Possesses strong societal and political will for green energy and mobility transition through exploring technologies for smart mobility and cities, maritime, renewable energy (solar, offshore wind, hydrogen) and energy- and heat-efficient buildings, and
  • Is strategically located in Northern Europe, which can serve as a gateway to the EU market with approximately 450 Million people.


Are you a Singapore company interested in:

  • Learning more about the business and innovation opportunities in Estonia;
  • Networking with Estonia-based companies, multipliers and government officials; and
  • Hearing from Singapore companies who have a presence in Estonia and collaborations with Estonia companies, vice versa?

We invite you to sign up for the upcoming Singapore – Estonia Business and Networking Forum event on 6 June 2023 (Tues), 1.30pm at the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Center!


Event Highlights

  • Welcome remarks by Singapore Business Federation
  • Opening remarks by Estonian officials
  • Returning remarks by Singapore officials [TBC]
  • Landscape sharing of Estonia by Enterprise Estonia / Estonia-based multiplier and ecosystem player
  • Sharing by featured Singapore and Estonia companies
  • Panel discussion and Q&A with featured companies, multipliers / ecosystem players, and government officials
  • Networking Session


Complimentary in-person pass for Singapore enterprises who wish to explore business and innovation opportunities in Estonia! [Register now]