Accelerate Your Technologies’ Time to Market Effectively

With increasing attention on generating returns from R&D investment, there is a growing interest to understand the role of technology transfer, mechanisms and best practices to bring Intellectual Property (IP) and technologies to market.

This five-day Technology Commercialisation Webinar empowers you with the knowledge, skillset and confidence to navigate the complexities related to transitioning new technologies from the lab to the marketplace across various industries and geographical locations. Through lectures, case studies and group discussions, you will gain real-world insights on how different technology commercialisation strategies can be applied to your technology portfolio and organisation.


  • Two-hour pre-webinar briefing
  • Three-hour webinar sessions over five weekdays


  • Pre-webinar briefing: 12 Nov 2021, 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm
  • Webinar: 15 to 19 Nov 2021, 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

         (not inclusive of GST)

  • Standard fees: S$1,400
  • Subsidised fees: S$1,000 
    (for Singapore Government
    Agencies, SMEs and Public
    Research Institutions




22 Oct 2021


Mellissa Ang  |  +65 6653 4931  | [email protected]


This practice-oriented and hands-on webinar takes participants through a step-by-step process of:

  • Acquiring the basics of Intellectual Property (IP), and understand the types of IP rights and management.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of technology transfer and the IP commercialisation process.
  • Gaining knowledge and tools to evaluate new technologies and patents, and conduct patent analytics.
  • Obtaining practical tips and tools to bring IP and technology to market.
  • Identifying IP rights and models that are suitable for an industry-university research collaboration.
  • Understanding technology valuation and licensing to support technology commercialisation.


Leaders and managers who are interested to review and commercialise IPs and technologies to secure their organisation’s investment returns, including:

  • R&D or innovation and enterprise managers and officers
  • Tech transfer managers

“Thank you for organising such a great webinar! Even without flying to Singapore during this period of time, we were able to learn and discuss the essential tools for technology commercialisation.” 

– Dr Mike Ng, Senior Knowledge Transfer Officer, Hong Kong Baptist University

on the Technology Commercialisation Webinar Series that was held in August 2020


Dr Sze Tiam Lin
Head of Innovation & Technology, IPI

Michael Goh
Deputy Head of Innovation & Technology, IPI

Click here to download more details about the Module Outlines.

  • Introduction to IP Management
  • Strategies and Tools for Technology Marketing
  • The Essentials of Technology Transfer, Offices and Management
  • Technology Valuation Approaches and Licensing
  • Evaluation of New Technologies



  • Participants are strongly advised to apply at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Applications received after the registration deadline will be considered based on space availability.
  • As this is a hands-on webinar, participants are advised to identify some technologies or problem statements as materials to prepare for the practical sessions.
  • Please prepare laptops or electronic devices that can access as well as internet access for the group discussions and practical assignments.