Modern agriculture is evolving with the use of agrochemicals, like fertilisers and pesticides, to improve crop yield and retain the quality of the produce. However, excessive use of agrochemicals could result in chemical leaching and disrupt the natural ecosystem.

At the Agrochemical Roundtable organised by IPI and Enterprise Singapore on 24 August 2021, local technology owners and researchers shared various innovations to boost businesses’ farm to fork capabilities.

AG Life Sciences, Crop Protection Technology and Republic Polytechnic representatives elaborated on their technologies and expertise in research, functional fertiliser, biopesticide, bio-stimulant and hydroponic nutrient solution to optimise plant growth and grow safe food.

There was an excited buzz in the breakout room sessions as agribusiness owners delved into the technology specifications and applications of solutions pitched by technology owners. Majority of the participants saw growth opportunities in sustainable, bio-based agrochemicals and seed treatment for safer crops, especially for those that can achieve zero or minimal toxic chemicals in the food supply.

Further discussions were arranged after the roundtable concluded, to explore collaboration opportunities and how to fulfil obligations such as regulatory approval and benchmarking with synthetic solutions before these green solutions can be adopted.  

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