DBS, IPI and Infocomm Investments (IIPL) launched DBS TechMatch, an initiative to help SMEs embark on innovation projects to address their business challenges. Announced on 15 August 2016, DBS TechMatch will help SMEs connect with the right technology solution provider.

“We recognise that there is a gap so we decided to partner IPI and Infocomm Investments to help match SMEs with the appropriate technologies, based on their needs. We think that the partnership will be extremely beneficial to SMEs, given that IPI has a global network of technology partners and Infocomm Investments has a strong track record of helping businesses develop solution concepts,” said Joyce Tee, Group Head, DBS SME Banking.

SMEs can submit their DBS TechMatch requests with the business problem online for review by the DBS BusinessClass team. The SME will be connected to either an existing tech provider, to IPI if specific technology/expertise is required, or to IIPL if business problems do not have ready technology solutions. IIPL will guide the SME through a five-day solution hacking process to design a viable solution concept.

“IPI is pleased to bring its expertise in facilitating technology transfer and R&D cooperation between enterprises and its global network of technology partners.  We look forward to supporting the aspirations of SMEs to grow their businesses and enhance their competitive advantage through the adoption of technology and innovation,” said Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Director, IPI.

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