As more consumers shift into digital retail post-COVID-19, an influx of digital solutions that prioritise consumers’ safety and convenience have emerged. IPI organised the “Imagine the Future of Retail Tech” webinar on 4 November 2020, and assembled industry experts in the retail and digital technology fields – Trakomatic, ViSenze, EZ-Link, Vizury and Integrated Retail. The speakers shared how enterprises in the retail sector can harness digital solutions to grow their businesses.The webinar covered a range of available technology trends and opportunities for retailers and consumers in the physical and digital stores today. Several enabling technologies were introduced, such as computer vision to track consumers behaviours within a physical shopping space, personalized search recommendation, digital rewards and payment strategies.During the engaging panel discussion, the panellists emphasised the importance of identifying changing consumer patterns as more individuals are retaining their remote living and working arrangements. While the panellists acknowledged that more consumers are turning towards digital retail options, they also maintained a stand that the physical storefront will not disappear.

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Watch the recording of the Imagine the Future of Retail with Digital Tech webinar here.