International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) jointly launched Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Singapore today. This first self-funded EEN centre in ASEAN gives Singapore companies access to technology know-how, intellectual property and business partners. EEN is the world’s largest business and innovation support platform, set up under the European Commission’s Agency for Small and Medium Industries*. Its network spans 54 countries and 600 partnering organisations in Europe and worldwide, with a combined business pool of several million enterprises. EEN Singapore was officially launched by Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), and Dr Michael Pulch, Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union in Singapore.

In the current economic climate, many Singapore companies are finding it increasingly difficult to grow and face intensifying competition and challenges such as lack of manpower and rising costs. Companies need to innovate and adopt technology to increase productivity, to scale up quickly, making them more competitive overseas.

IE Singapore, SMF and IPI initiated EEN Singapore to support Singapore companies to build capabilities, focusing on technology adoption and innovation. Singapore companies across industries like infocomm, robotics, electronics, environment, healthcare and personal care can:

• Gain exclusive access to 10,000 business and technology partnership opportunities in various sectors of interest
• Gain access to the technological know-how available in Europe
• Meet potential European companies to develop proprietary solutions and partnerships for business growth
• Participate in missions and brokerage events for B2B matching, organised by IE Singapore, SMF and IPI

Interested companies may register at

The tripartite partnership taps the strengths of each player - IE Singapore will drive in-depth facilitation of business partnerships; SMF is the overall secretariat that will reach out to businesses and other trade associations and chambers; IPI will lead technology and research partnerships. EEN Singapore is supported under IE Singapore’s Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) programme.

Said Mr Lee Ark Boon, Chief Executive Officer, IE Singapore, “Technology has and will disrupt the way we work – from mobile, to cloud computing and robotics, and maybe soon to artificial intelligence. Singapore companies must continually find ways to improve productivity, build innovative products and improve processes through technology adoption. EEN Singapore will give companies quick access to technology players, catalysing acquisitions and technology transfers, and business partnerships.”

Mr Douglas Foo, President of SMF, said, “EEN Singapore is a key and practical platform that can assist Singapore companies to collaborate with EU companies on specific business projects and technology. Through the EEN Singapore database, we can actively assist companies in Singapore to find business partners with EU companies to form various business and technology collaborations. Our Singapore companies can leverage on EEN Singapore to help them make foray to the European markets by working with EU companies. Similarly, EU companies can tap on the services of the EEN Singapore to partner Singapore companies to gain access to the ASEAN market of 600 million people.”

Prof Lam Khin Yong, Executive Director, IPI, said, “We are pleased to be part of this tripartite partnership with IE Singapore and SMF, where we are well-positioned to facilitate technology collaborations between companies from Singapore and Europe. Together, we look forward to supporting Singapore SMEs in achieving growth and competitiveness through innovation.”

A panel discussion titled “Europe-Singapore partnerships – creating growth opportunities for global markets” was held at the launch event. Key insights and benefits were shared, along with how EEN Singapore catalyses this process. A networking brokerage event was held at the sidelines of the event in the afternoon, with participation from over 200 companies from Singapore and Europe.

*The European Commission's Agency for Small and Medium Industries is a key initiative of EU to promote two way business between EU and rest of the world.


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