Imec, the international research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, and IPI co-organised the Imec Technology and Innovation Seminar on 28 March 2017. At the seminar, John Baekelmans, Managing Director of Imec Netherlands, introduced Imec’s broad spectrum of technology offerings. Peter Lemmens, General Manager of Imec Taiwan, shared Imec’s prototype engineering services and success cases of how innovative companies created their products by leveraging Imec’s technology building blocks. The leading research institute also brought several demo sets such as wearables for senior citizens and a smart city sensor hub with an ultra-fast data link. The seminar was well-received by the participants and many of them were seen actively engaged in dialogue with the Imec and IPI representatives during the networking session.

“The seminar provided an excellent opportunity to connect with IPI’s local industry partners who have similar interests and are relevant to Imec’s work. Many of today’s attendees showed a keen interest in our technology offerings. We enjoyed the exchange of ideas and are excited to follow up with several potential leads. The technology matching facilitation support from IPI was helpful and we look forward to working with IPI on future seminars,” said Mavis Ho, Head of Strategic Partnerships of Imec Taiwan and Singapore.

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