IPI and CEI jointly organised an industry roundtable on 26 June 2013 to leverage on open innovation and 'crowd-sourcing' platform to source for innovative technologies, solutions and external partnerships to seed innovation and business opportunity.

CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited ('CEI') is a main-board SGX listed company that provides printed circuit board and box build assembly, equipment design and manufacturing services. This industry roundtable provides one of several platforms that IPI uses to engage company with potential technology providers from SMEs, Research Institutes and Universities to seed collaboration and licensing opportunities. Preceding the roundtable event, IPI worked closely with CEI to understand company's equipment and technology roadmap. From this input, IPI scanned and invited relevant technology providers to promote, engage and partner CEI in their equipment and technology roadmap. Mr Tan Ka Huat, Managing Director, CEI feedback that the session was good as it opened up new perspective and technology opportunity for CEI; and he is pleased to add that CEI is actively pursuing the follow-up discussion with the potential partners identified at the roundtable event.