Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and IPI were invited to share about corporate innovation opportunities in Singapore with members of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce’s (SICC) Digitalisation and Collaborative Innovation interest groups on 28 August 2019. The interest groups are formed by SICC’s most active members and enable them to share expertise and connect with new business community and government.

Ong Shin Rong, Deputy Director, Innovation Platforms from ESG gave an overview of the Singapore start-up and innovation landscape and described how corporates can leverage this vibrant sector to capture co-innovation opportunities. She highlighted the upcoming (SFF x SWITCH) as one of the cross-industry platforms for businesses to connect with innovative technology providers. In addition, IPI Senior Director Dr Sze Tiam Lin shared the various online platforms and offline open innovation platforms developed by IPI that SICC member companies can tap on to source for relevant technologies, expertise and new collaboration opportunities.

“We appreciate this opportunity to share with SICC members and are encouraged to see more enterprises being open to collaborating with external partners with complementary technological capabilities to bring innovations to market more quickly,” said Dr Sze.