IPI and the Centre for Innovation in Healthcare (CIH) signed a collaboration agreement to promote healthcare innovation partnerships in Singapore on 30 September 2020. The collaboration, signed by IPI's Head of Intermediary Dr Sze Tiam Lin and NUHS CIH's Centre Director Professor Lawrence Ho, aims to leverage the networks of both organisations to accelerate the adoption of healthtech solutions and further build the healthcare innovation ecosystem in Singapore.

"We are delighted to work with CIH to create new technology partnership opportunities in the healthcare space. This collaboration will open up new avenues for healthcare innovators that are seeking partners in areas such as clinical validation, clinical trials and test-bedding opportunities," said Dr Sze Tiam Lin.

Noting the complex nature of healthcare industry and longer gestation period required for healthcare innovations to get to market, IPI Innovation Advisor and CIH Advisor Professor Ignatius Rasiah emphasised the importance of raising awareness of the healthcare ecosystem and fostering open innovation opportunities between healthteach innovators, SMEs and start-ups.

The CIH is a Centre of Excellence set up under the National University Healthy System and is a one-stop validation and test bed hub to facilitate the clinical adoption of health innovations in Singapore.