Aimed at providing participants with the know-how as well as tools and platforms to accelerate new products and services to market through technology collaboration, IPI conducted its first Open Innovation Workshop on 25 and 26 April 2019. In addition to small group discussions and hands-on practices, IPI also invited a technology scouting expert from a leading beverage company to share insights into the potential opportunities and pitfalls in open innovation from his experience.

“A culture of innovation and learning go hand in hand. IPI is encouraged by the positive response to the two workshops on open innovation and technology commercialisation piloted in April. We will continue to enhance these programmes to build new capabilities and foster partnerships in the innovation and enterprise ecosystem,” said Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Senior Director of IPI and also one of the in-house trainers.

The second run of the Open Innovation workshop is scheduled for 3 and 4 October 2019. Technology transfer and innovation or R&D managers in corporates, SMEs or government agencies that are interested to learn how to harness the benefits of co-innovating with external partners may enquire here.

For more information on what was shared in the workshop, an article on one of the modules, Challenge-driven Open Innovation, is available here.