Licensing Executive Society (LES), A*STAR and IPI jointly held a seminar on 27 April 2015 to mark the World IP Day. Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Director, IPI, opened the seminar and this was followed by a welcome remark from Ms Sheena Jacob, President of Licensing Executive Society (Singapore), on LES and its mission.

Dr Anatole Krattiger, Director of Global Challenges Division, WIPO, gave a presentation on WIPO’s engagement in climate change and global health. He introduced two multi-stakeholder innovation and technology transfer platforms, WIPO Re:Search in global health and WIPO GREEN in climate change that were established to recognise that IP is not an end in itself but a tool to achieve socio-economic and development objectives. The audience were also engaged in a lively discussion with Dr Krattiger on broader issues related to IP innovation and technology diffusion.