We are pleased to announce the key leadership appointments at IPI, effective 1 January 2022. 

  • Dr Sze Tiam Lin will be appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where he will oversee the development of IPI’s technology strategy and initiatives and lead a team to engage local and global technology partners to support demand-led innovation from enterprises and accelerate their innovation and business growth. An experienced leader with over 20 years of experience in the commercialisation of new technologies and IP management, Dr Sze will also develop programmes to champion open innovation and technology commercialisation as well as drive digital transformation within IPI. 
  • Michael Goh will be appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and will lead the development of industry engagement strategies and engage key stakeholders across various sectors. He will drive operational efficiency within IPI by working with various departments to harmonise and manage cross-team activities and organisation-wide initiatives to achieve IPI’s goals. 
  • Alvin How will be appointed as Head of Strategy, Marketing and Communications and will lead a newly formed department and oversee the development and operationalisation of organisational strategies through marketing and communications, as well as open innovation and partnerships functions. In addition, he will drive TechInnovation, IPI’s flagship technology brokerage event.

We appreciate the contributions that Dr Sze, Michael and Alvin have made for our people and the innovation community and are confident that they will further strengthen IPI’s position as an innovation catalyst and create new opportunities for enterprises to grow through innovation in the years to come.