LES Turkey, IPI and LES Singapore jointly organised a workshop on the ‘Essential Tools for IP and Technology Marketing’ on 23 October 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. The one-day workshop, conducted by Dr Sze Tiam-Lin, Director, IPI Singapore and Council Member of LES Singapore, was well received and attended by over 40 participants representing technology transfer professionals from Istanbul Sehir University, Istanbul Technical University, KOC University, Sabanci University and Yildiz Technical University; including representatives from industry, Turkish Patent Office and IP professional services. 

The workshop provided a good overview on practical tools and tips for effective marketing of IP and technology ranging from elevated pitch to technology write-up, industry roundtables and forums to IP exchange and marketplace, and the highlights of the use of social media in technology marketing.

“We have had very positive feedback after the training,” said Iclal Arguc, Technology Transfer Office, Sabanci University and Council Member, LES Turkey. “From the evaluation forms, participants were generally glad about the training and found the speaker to be pragmatic and the examples cited were very beneficial. Thank you for the support from IPI and LES Singapore.”