There has been an increase in emerging technologies in wireless power transfer to support more effective implementation in manufacturing factories and smart buildings.

The technology sharing session, organised by IPI and local energy start-up TransferFi on 27 April 2021, examined the features and potential for long-range wireless power transfer (WPT) technology to be applied across different industries from manufacturing to consumer electronics.

CEO and co-founder Aashish Mehta introduced the background of wireless power and various types of far-field power transfer technologies available in the market, with radio-frequency (RF) based technologies taking the lead to harvest power.

However, the successful implementation of WPT technology would depend on hardware features including customised RF waveforms as well as software such as automated beam calibration and smart scheduling for multi-device charging, CTO and co-founder Dr Mohammad Reza Vedady shared.

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Watch the recording of the technology sharing session on long-range wireless power transfer technology here.