IPI co-organised a Tech Forum on Wireless Power Transmission with Energous Corporation on 13 July 2016. Based in San Jose, California, Energous Corporation is a developer of WattUp®, a Radio Frequency-based wire-free charging solution that provides over-the-air power at a distance. Several local technology partners were invited by IPI to understand the solution from Energous Corporation and how it differed from current wireless charging systems.

Kelly Birmingham, VP Business Development and Neeraj Sahejpal, VP Product Marketing from Energous Corporation, also demonstrated how their wire-free charging technology worked. The benefits include smaller receiver size, lower cost of implementation, and most importantly, freedom from messy wires and fixed charging stations leading to an overall improvement in user experience. The session was particularly lively with an engaging discussion between participants and the presenters.

For more information on Energous Corporation, please visit www.energous.com.