[Celebrating Inspiring Women In March Series #3: Founder, Delcie's Desserts and Cakes, Delcie Lam] 


Art director-turned-entrepreneur, Delcie Lam, started her business to bring delicious sweet treats to a variety of individuals with different dietary restrictions. With IPI’s help, she has grown her business and has her sights set on further expansion.

Delcie Lam’s journey to founding Singapore-based Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes is one filled with passion, resilience and innovation in the face of personal hardship. Initially driven by the simple desire to enjoy high-quality cakes, Delcie’s ambition quickly morphed into a mission fuelled by personal adversity.

The catalyst for transforming Delcie’s initial bakery concept into a brand with a deep-rooted mission was her mother’s battle with stage four stomach cancer. Confronted with her mother’s strict dietary restrictions during a hospital birthday celebration, Delcie faced the stark reality that her mother couldn’t partake in the simple joy of eating cake. This realisation nudged Delcie to pivot her focus towards creating cakes that removed key unhealthy ingredients, ensuring that no one else would have to experience the same sense of loss.

Transitioning from her role as an art director at a multinational corporation to running a modest 100-square-foot bakery—complete with taking online orders and sharing space with a bubble tea stall—represented more than a career shift for Delcie. It was a leap towards fulfilling a newfound purpose.“At the beginning, it was a culture shock to me, but it allowed me to blend my love for design and creativity with my passion for baking,” said Delcie.

Guided by the principle that cakes can be both a delight to the palate and kind to the body, Delcie’s bakery does without conventional baking ingredients like eggs, chemicals and stabilisers, offering a guilt-free alternative that caters to a diverse array of dietary needs, from allergies and intolerances to personal health and lifestyle choices. This commitment to inclusivity and dietary consciousness has since helped Delcie attract a diverse clientele, each with unique dietary needs that her bakery strives to meet.

“Sincerity and dedication are the key ingredients to our recipe for success—which have helped to cement our brand’s reputation and customer loyalty,” Delcie said.

The collaboration with IPI was born from Delcie’s ambition to expand her reach and impact. Facing the solitude of entrepreneurship and the complexities of employee management, Delcie sought a mentor who could offer direction and reassurance. Meeting IPI Innovation Advisor Shaun Smithson, who brought an empathetic insight into the food industry and shared Delcie’s commitment to quality, marked a turning point.

“Working with Shaun provided me with the guidance and confidence needed to navigate my business through its growth and challenges, while giving my resolve and leadership skills a significant boost,” said Delcie. “I’m very proud of how the company has progressed, from enduring the trials of starting a business against all odds, including family objections and financial uncertainties, to fostering confidence in a niche market.”

Delcie also recognises the unique pressures that working mothers face, balancing career aspirations with familial responsibilities. She sees her role as a mother and entrepreneur as an opportunity to lead by example, demonstrating to her children the values of leadership and hard work.

As of February 2024, Delcie has also secured Halal certification for her bakery, broadening her brand’s inclusivity and welcoming a wider community to savour her delicious creations.

Aligned with the theme of International Women’s Day 2024, ‘Inspire Inclusion’, Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes embodies the spirit of inclusivity, challenging the traditional perceptions of cakes while setting a new standard for health-conscious indulgence in Singapore—inspiring a movement towards more inclusive culinary practices.