Founded by Glen Hinshaw, Intelligent Mobility Pte Ltd (IM) is a local start-up company incorporated in Singapore with products for healthcare and sports applications. IM’s products include custom insoles, 3D foot scanning, and a new generation of wireless foot pressure and heating monitoring insoles.

IM has obtained a worldwide and exclusive sub-license (for insoles) for an advanced 3D imaging algorithm from GelSight Inc., a spin-off and development from MIT. IM approached IPI for assistance last year to source for technical support – translating IM’s foot scanner 3D algorithm from Matlab into Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) C code.

Through IPI’s technology matching service, IM was matched up with the Centre of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), given its expertise in the commercialization of machine vision and OpenCV development.

With the 3D foot scanner, scanned images of the foot are uploaded wirelessly to a cloud server, and can be made accessible through web applications. This will be extremely beneficial in expanding the reach of foot care into developing nations, where doctors can have access to the patients’ information and condition regardless of location. Through IPI’s assistance in business matching, the capabilities found in Dynamic 3D foot scanner are further enhanced.

Mr Glen Hinshaw, CEO, Director of IM said, “IPI assisted IM with finding the right engineers for the Dynamic 3D foot scanner. The business matching continues beyond introduction to NYP. IM leveraged on IPI’s help in managing network in Singapore from suppliers, manufacturing and assembly. Together with the IP translation and development support from NYP’s COIE, this helped with IM’s start-up in Singapore.”