Advanced Pregnancy Care: A Comprehensive Obstetric Remote Monitoring Solution


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With the increasing number of at-risk pregnancies and the limitation of the care delivery system, it becomes urgent to find a reliable solution that addresses technology, cost and care delivery challenges.

Forging new frontiers in pregnancy care, the technology provider has developed a solution comprising a comprehensive remote monitoring suite for obstetrics care. The technology is a turnkey and modular virtual maternity care solution that enables the digitalization of existing antenatal and postnatal protocols. The technology allows the care team to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers in the comfort of their homes through a patient mobile app and an array of connected monitoring devices, including a proprietary home use fetal and maternal monitor.

The technology provider is looking to engage relevant stakeholders for collaboration to support their research projects and their global commercialization journey.


The technology is a unique and comprehensive remote monitoring suite for obstetrics using novel sensors and algorithms to offer clinical-grade, self-monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rates, and contractions to improve access to care for expectant women.

The technology comprises the combination of a proprietary fetal monitor with a mobile application that offers customizable questionnaires and is connected to BP monitors and glucometers. Clinicians can gain essential insights into the health status of the mother and foetus while offering expectant women quality care at the comfort of their homes. This also provides more convenience and better information about their pregnancy.

The technology delivers multiple benefits to stakeholders such as:

  • New sensing technology for the foetus that eliminates subjectivity in standard technology (CTG) while providing higher resolution data to detect early signs of pregnancy complications
  • A holistic and protocol-driven remote monitoring platform that offers comprehensive features has been essential for clinicians as women across the risk spectrum can now be monitored remotely
  • Easy to use platform offering greater usability and deployment capabilities
  • A cost-effective maternity care to streamline the maternity care process


This technology can be applied in Women and Baby’s Health for:

  • Connected Prenatal and post-natal care
  • Fetal medicine
  • Powering Decentralized Clinical trials

Unique Value Proposition

The maternity system can provide data-driven care to improve maternity outcomes and minimize the risk of complications while reducing the cost of care. Further, the technology is patient-centric where it empowers expectant women with easy-to-use tools to access convenient, engaging and personalized care.

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