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Discover new technologies by our partners

Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in these technology offers and collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Wireless Data Transmission via Ultrasound in Metallic/Explosive Environment
The technology offer presents a wireless data transmission via ultrasound system. The technology transforms any speaker or sound system into a tool for detection, geolocation, authentication and wireless communication. The system allows wireless data transmission in constrained environments where radio waves (e.g., Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth) are not effective or not permitted, such as explosive, defense, electromagnetic-sensitive, metallic and high humidity environment.
Immersive and Collaborative Communication Technology For Interactive Information Sharing
The company offers a state-of-the-art hybrid communication technology which combines immersive and collaborative software functionalities. The technology is based on ten years of research around the European crisis management. Its specificity is to display any type of data on a collective visual space to facilitate decision-making.  Complex projects or tasks which requires complementary experts and heterogeneous data for display could be unified through this technology platform. The technology allow teams to simultaneously share and visualize data (e.g., screen sharing, pdf, images) to grasp the big picture as well as highlight and annotate the digital information to ensure a common understanding.