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Are you a UK or Singapore technology company looking for partners to co-innovate on product development, top on R&D funding and access new markets?

The UK-Singapore Collaborative R&D Call offers UK and Singapore companies the opportunity to collaborate on joint projects in the R&D of innovative products and applications, with the end goal of commercialisation. Enterprise Singapore and Innovate UK will provide access to public funding for selected projects that have strong potential for the UK, Singapore or international market.

The call for proposals is open to all technological and application areas. We would particularly welcome applications in the following sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Materials;
  • Agrifood Tech;
  • Mobility & Transport;
  • Cybersecurity; and
  • Health & Life Sciences

More information about the submission process can be found here. Please also refer to the attached Call Document for full details on this call.

Technology Specification

The project consortium must involve at least one UK SME and one Singapore SME, independent from each other. Each project partner should contribute no more than 70% of the total project contribution.

Under this programme, Enterprise Singapore will support up to 70% of the Singaporean company’s total qualifying project costs. To be eligible for support, the applicant must fulfil all of the following:

  • Be a business entity that is registered and physically present in Singapore;
  • ≥ 30% local equity held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) / Singapore PR(s), determined by the ultimate individual ownership; and
  • Be financially able to see a project through to completion.

Call Details

Application Process

  1. Singapore companies will be required to fill up an online preliminary interest form here and upload their latest ACRA Bizfile as a supporting document.
  2. Thereafter, the officer in-charge will advise on the next steps of application should the applicant meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. The consortium should also jointly submit their joint proposal via email to Enterprise Singapore and upload it Innovate UK’s Innovation Funding Service portal by 20 April 2022, 1900 hrs (GMT+8).

For further assistance, companies can contact Enterprise Singapore via email.

Information Webinar

Attend the information webinar on 10 February 2022 to find out more information about how you can participate, the public funding available for your business and how you can find project partners. Singapore companies that are keen to participate in this call are highly encouraged to attend. Click here to register your attendance for this webinar.

Project Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to seek a partner to jointly collaborate on a project under this call, please get in touch with us by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below. Prior to this, you may wish to contact your funding agency to confirm on your eligibility to participate in the call.

You may also check out some of the opportunities on the IPI Online Marketplace, and the opportunities from UK and Singapore on the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) website, subject to the eligibility criteria.

Sign up to the UK-Singapore Collaborative R&D Partner Matching Platform HERE to search for like-minded companies to jointly participate in the call.


Projects that do not involve any co-development or R&D cooperation. Testing and validation of technologies without any co-development would also not be eligible.

Call Deadline

20 April 2022, 1900 hrs (GMT+8)

Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing
  • R&D Collaboration
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