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Dilution Air Processing Unit for Reduced Transmission of Airborne Infectious Diseases
The Dilution Air Processing Unit (DAPU) is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses to prepare themselves for the Covid-19 new normal by employing an enhanced air ventilation technique. The DAPU system allows the creation of zones (e.g. sickbays, waiting rooms, etc.) within workplaces with no recirculation of air. This prevents cross-contamination of unclean air in between the zones. This solution is suitable for hotels and other premises to be used for quarantine purposes. The DAPU consists of the following key features: Provides 100% fresh air supply with no recirculation Reduces airborne particles exposure by greater than 60% Achieves 25% energy efficiency in providing 100% fresh air supply as compared to conventional systems Uses fully portable modular approach Can be easily retrofitted to any existing air-conditioning system resulting in lower implementation cost The DAPU can also be deployed in any area without an existing air-conditioning system making it highly versatile.
World’s Smallest Flow Sensor for Integration into Smart Systems
A European start-up company has developed the world's smallest gas flow sensor. The tiny 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm CMOS MEMS sensor is small enough to fit into virtually any product and can be positioned where measurements matter. Examples of use cases include: active filter monitoring in vacuum cleaners, air-conditioning units and other consumer appliances; pipe blockage detection in industrial and domestic gas-detection products and systems; air pump monitoring and control in both consumer and industrial applications; and portable healthcare equipment such as smart inhalers and fitness monitoring masks. Collaboration is sought with developers and manufacturers of smart home devices, building systems, wearables etc. Evaluation kits with fluidics fixtures are available for fast testing and application development.
Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection
This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label-free, with ultrahigh sensitivity in the nanomolar to picomolar range. In addition, the detection response can be observed in real-time and the technology can be customized to detect different analytes in various applications. This technology allows for versatility in the type of analyte to be detected, which can include analytes not detected by existing techniques or those not detected by these techniques at the required sensitivity and specificity.