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Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in these technology offers and collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Post Harvest Agriculture Protection using Microbiome Engineering
Post-harvest spoilage is a significant problem along the supply chain which results in great profit losses. Fungal infestation and mould growth are some of the common reasons for food waste and nutrition loss due to post-harvest degradation. Common post-harvest treatment includes unsustainable and excessive use of chemicals which can lead to contamination of the environment and our food. Microbes associated with the plants and soil have co-evolved to confer beneficial traits to their plant counterparts. This technology relates to a highly effective and fully natural solution that exploits the plant microbiome for bio-based plant protection to increase the storability of fruits and vegetables. For example, the microbiome of microalgae can also be with beneficial microorganisms to increase the yield and reliability of algae growth in bioreactors. Moreover, microbiome tracking can be utilized to identify entry points of microbial contaminations. This technology provider is seeking research collaboration with farmers to implement this solution for both soil-based and hydroponics agriculture.   
AIoT-based Real-time Monitoring and Behavioural Pattern Recognition for Human Activities
This technology offer presents an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) based real-time monitoring system for elderly. The system is based on a hybrid combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and existing monitoring devices such as CCTV cameras and pressure sensors to detect various orientations and activities of the elderly autonomously.   With this integrated solution, it provides real-time monitoring for elderly within a suitable environment through identifying any abnormal activities and behavioral patterns via pattern recognition. Thus, the system aids in alerting caregivers for faster response and intervention if the system detects any abnormal activities from the elderly. This monitoring system can also be customized for different kinds of human activities and environment.  The company is interested in partnering overseas companies as licensees or adopters of the technology for commercialisation, in particular from Germany or France, to jointly participate in the following joint innovation opportunities: Singapore-Germany Joint SME Call Singapore-France Joint Innovation Call
Secured IoT Gateways
Security is a major hindrance for wide scale adoption of IoT. Constant sharing of information between devices and users could occur without the consent of related and authorized personnel. In addition, there is a lack of a security platform that provides access control and personalized security policies based on users’ needs and context, across different types of IoT ‘things’ and smart mobile devices. The availability of such security platform in the market will enable developers and service providers to develop and offer innovative end-to-end secured IoT services that able to meet various security and privacy needs for their customers in various industry verticals. The technology offer presents a patented solution that enhances the security of the wireless systems and devices by grouping security parameters required by the respective wireless network and from multiple layers (application/network/system) and re-sequencing them to generate a unique security key management scheme. This provides the flexibility for a user to choose or define his/her own combination of the security parameters using information from the applications, network, and systems levels, then sequence and synchronise these parameters in a manner he/she prefers to form a security key. Three collaborative cross-layer secure IoT gateways have been successfully developed targeting at advanced manufacturing, smart home, and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.
High-Performance Bonding Of Dissimilar Materials Using Nanostructures
Adhesives such as glues and fasteners are often used to bond similar materials. However, to join dissimilar materials such as plastics to metals often presents a challenge due to the differences in surface interfaces and inability to offer proper and strong adhesion. This technology offers a proprietary solution to address the limitations faced during the bonding of dissimilar materials using a nanolayer formed by nanostructures known as polymer brushes. Polymeric chains from the polymer brushes can create strong bonds to the substrate, polymerising to approximately up to 50nm long. Assembly of the plastic component can be performed by direct adhesion or via conventional industrial methods such as plastic over-moulding or welding. Apart from the use of an adhesive to bond dissimilar materials, the technology may also be applied as a nanocoating to impart functional properties such as anti-fouling, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity and for surface protection.
Fast-Dissolving Freeze Dried Sublingual Wafer as a Novel Drug Delivery System
Currently, active compounds (e.g. pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical active ingredients) are administered intravenously, intramuscularly or orally. These conventional methods of administration have their own shortcomings. For example, intravenous administration often requires an expensive clinical setting, is invasive, painful and not suitable for individuals who have a phobia of needles. Oral administration (e.g. via the consumption of capsules, tablets, mixtures and suspensions) is also not a suitable method for the delivery of active compounds which are effectively lost during hepatic (first-pass liver metabolism) and/or gastrointestinal metabolism, a process that affects the bioavailability of numerous active compounds when ingested orally. Oral ingestion can also delay the onset of a therapeutic effect by several hours. The technology is a proprietary wafer formulation that allows pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical active compounds to be administered sublingually, allowing for these compounds to be delivered safely, rapidly and conveniently into the blood stream. The technology is a superior mode of delivery as it reduces the effects of hepatic and gastrointestinal metabolism. Using the technology, sublingual delivery increases the rate and predictability of already approved drugs, resulting in an increase of new and improved clinical applications.
Low Code Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service for Rapid Blockchain Development
The core technology is a low code Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) that enables quicker and more cost efficient blockchain application development and delivery at scale. The technology can be considered a tool that abstracts away the complexity of blockchain technology and enables any developer to easily build blockchain based applications or integrate blockchain functionality into their existing solutions and business operations.
Smart Energy Management in End-user Environment
The technology provides the method and system which allow end users to participate in the trading of resources, enabling the lowering of costs for the end users. Additionally, the method and system also allow for utilization of resources in a manner, which can optimize a load (for example, electrical) for the resource supply. The technology includes the control of thermal load (e.g. aircon), management of energy storage (e.g. charge and discharge battery), mitigation of intermittency in renewable energy and setting of incentive and pricing based on users’ preference etc. The technology is targeting the energy domain, in particular demand response management, energy saving scheme, renewable energy management, or energy storage optimization.
All-Digital, Patient-to-Database, Continuous ECG Monitoring Platform
This Technology Offer is a medical-grade solution for patients who require continuous heart rhythm monitoring and diagnostics from any remote location. The solution bridges a significant gap between extended Holter diagnostics and remote telemetry. The data is transmitted ‘live’ by patients, and the review of data and reporting can be completed even before device is returned to the institution. This monitoring system can be deployed in scale across large geographical locations, as it uses cloud-based technologies to simplify collection of continuous ‘live-streamed’ electrocardiogram (ECG) from any connected location worldwide.
Wafer-Scale Subwavelength Black Silicon via Advanced Mask-free Etching
Black silicon (b-Si) is an interesting bionic architecture for optoelectronics because of its extremely low reflectance on wide ranges of wavelength and incident angles. This Technology Offer is an original, efficient technique to produce wafer-scale (6-12 inches) subwavelength b-Si with an ultra-low light reflectance. As Germanium-X (X=metal) thin alloy film is acting as the self-mask layer, the fabrication process is also low cost and CMOS compatible.