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Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Plant-based Fermentation Technology
Fermentation is an old method used mainly for food preservation. However, when the technology is well known and controlled, it can be a great asset for:1. Taste: improving the taste of foods and drinks or providing exotic flavors (umami)2. Texture: Improving the structure of foods and drinks by making them smoother, more tender or creamier, or in gluten-free baked products, making them crispier, chewier or with improved raising doughs.3. Nutrition value: improving the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals or other health promoting compounds.4. Health: when foods and drinks are fermented with probiotic bacteria, they can improve gut healthy and consumers lifestyleAny food company interested in having a premium quality in their product portfolio, should partner with us to developed better foods.We own the bacteria used for improving foods and drinks as well as the knowledge of how to use them in product development.
Radio-Frequency Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer System
The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) allows more sensors to be used for monitoring, detection and security purposes. However, this also introduces new problems to the user:Short sensor's lifespan (due to reliance on battery as the main power source) affecting the service operation, Cost and hassle associated with frequent maintenance and battery disposal, especially when sensors are scattered across multiple locations and can run out of battery at different points in time, andTime wasted on planning, coordinating, and installing of power cord layout to accommodate increasing numbers of sensors (for sensors using power cord as the main power source).Hence, conventional powering methods are not sustainable to support thousands of sensors. Therefore, we have developed wireless power transfer technology to solve the problems. Our system can be integrated into the sensors and provides an alternative power source to the sensors, effectively extending the sensor's lifetime and resulting in less frequent replacement/maintenance. This can help to remove the costs associated with battery replacement, battery disposal, and cabling installation. 
Pavement System Solution To Lower Ambient Temperature And Building Energy Demand
An urban heat island (UHI) is a high-density urban area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding low density or rural areas. This phenomenon is a result of surface modification of its surroundings, i.e. use of highly absorptive urban materials, increased building density etc. The effect of UHI has been reported to cause an increase in air temperature of up to 15 °C and temperatures to remain high constantly as heat energy is trapped between buildings.  Conventional urban road and pavement materials have higher heat absorption capacities and will release the absorbed heat to the atmosphere after sunset. As these areas cover a significant percentage of urban surfaces, roads and pavements are major contributors to the increased ambient temperature. To mitigate the effect of UHI caused by heat absorption of urban roads and pavements, an alternative is to substitute these areas with a material that has low heat absorption capacity and put in place a cooling system to reduce heat absorbed. The technology offered is an integrated solution that aims to decrease surface pavement temperature, and consequently, the ambient air temperature. It comprises of two components, a software tool that identifies hot spots in pavements and a pavement system that includes an underground liquid cooling system, pavement material and an intelligent control system. Overall, the solution will reduce the amount of thermal energy collected in urban roads and pavements and alleviate the effect of UHI.
Novel Marker for High Sensitivity Detection of Human DNA
Human DNA contamination is an issue in the process of manufacturing devices for molecular and genomic applications. Such devices need to be certified human DNA free for sensitive downstream processes. Therefore, there is a need to monitor human DNA residual level in factory surfaces and in final products. The technology provider had identified a novel target for detection of human DNA and developed a highly sensitive PCR based detection method for presence of human DNA based on this target. They have demonstrated that the method is specific, sensitive and with low cost. Compared to a commercial kit available in the market, this method is at least 500 times more sensitive. This method will be a valuable tool for device manufacturers. In addition, it can also be applied on forensic as well as environmental samples. Furthermore, the principle of the method can be adapted to detect other animal species for either identification or monitoring purposes.
Asian Specific Comprehensive Testing Solution Targeting the Cosmetic Industry
A complete solution that comprised of R&D and Innovation, in vitro to in vivo human based testing, OEM and regulatory advisory that not only accelerate your path to commercialization but also further add credibility to products with scientific evidence for claim substantiation and safety testing required for toxicology information. The technology provider also has experience on 3D human organoid systems and permeation technology, developing ethical, cruelty-free and innovative testing with high biological relevance to the Asian market for the personal care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
Low Power Flexible Free-Shape Heater
The invention liberates users of heaters from the constraints of fixed shapes and sizes predetermined by the flexible heater manufacturers. Our technology, in the form of an electrical device, is an integration of composite material science and electrical engineering which enables product designers and engineers to unleash their creativity and reduce wastage when incorporating our heaters into their products or systems.
Super Milk for Skin Brightening and Hydration
A leading and innovative New Zealand agribusiness with a secure supply of high-quality deer milk is seeking development and commercialisation partners to help leverage the potential of deer milk in the personal care category. Deer milk has more protein than any other milk and has been proven to have hydrating, protecting and naturally whitening benefits for skin. Tests among consumers show an agreeable response towards the use of deer milk as an active ingredient in skin care products such as moisturisers and serums, especially for the luxury and premium segment of the market.  
Contactless Digital Receipt & Data Analytics Platform for Retailers
The company offers offline retailers the opportunity to use a frictionless NFC based IoT e-receipt platform to gather customer profiles with purchase data while eliminating wasteful and expensive use of thermal paper, and providing a contactless checkout processCurrent offline retailers are having challenges to identify 100% of their customer base with traditional toolkits (e.g. loyalty programs, voucher systems, etc) versus online retailers who have customer logins.The platform allows customers to get their receipts digitally via a tap of their smartphone at the checkout counter, whilst enabling retailers to identify and build consumer intelligence and customer profiles. 
World’s Smallest Flow Sensor for Integration into Smart Systems
A European start-up company has developed the world's smallest gas flow sensor. The tiny 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm CMOS MEMS sensor is small enough to fit into virtually any product and can be positioned where measurements matter. Examples of use cases include: active filter monitoring in vacuum cleaners, air-conditioning units and other consumer appliances; pipe blockage detection in industrial and domestic gas-detection products and systems; air pump monitoring and control in both consumer and industrial applications; and portable healthcare equipment such as smart inhalers and fitness monitoring masks. Collaboration is sought with developers and manufacturers of smart home devices, building systems, wearables etc. Evaluation kits with fluidics fixtures are available for fast testing and application development.