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Battery Management Systems

Battery Management System to Refurbish Lithium-ion Batteries
Recycling or refurbishing of lithium-ion batteries is crucial in tackling the challenges of climate change and air pollution. While there is the demand for batteries to have more capacity and longer life cycles, lots of time and investment are also required to dismantle and recycle batteries. Precious metal, such as Lithium, needs to be saved while batteries need to be renewable as well. A start-up company has developed a Battery Management System (BMS) circuit, software and process to refurbish small lithium-ion batteries used in wheelchairs, laptops, tablets, drones and more. The technology enables the consumer to achieve significant cost savings and environmental benefits compared to buying new batteries or using other battery recycling methods, with a wide support for different types of batteries from various battery manufacturers.  The company is seeking potential partners in Singapore to collaborate through a licensing agreement, whereby the know-how and the process of battery refurbishing will be transferred to the partner.
Smart Telemetry for e-Mobility Battery Power System
The smart telemetry is a system for remote monitoring of the status and parameters of the battery system in electric vehicles. The system front-end comprises of Global Positioning System (GPS) and 3rd Generation/4th Generation cellular communication (3G/4G) enabled devices with built-in sensors, to provide battery stack monitoring and data-logging capabilities.  Data collected are relayed in real-time to data centre at the back-end.  The system is a plug and play setup and comes with remote system recovery function from the server. The technology is connected to the car's battery management system to collect the basic battery data through CAN bus for State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH) determination. The algorithm developed and built in on-board to determine the SoC and SoH of the battery pack, can support individual cell level. The technology will monitor and diagnose different parameters (i.e. Voltage, Temperature, SoC, SoH) of the individual battery cell in real time, and provide notifications of the failure/defective cell.