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Plant-based Protein

Upcycling Food Waste into a Sustainable Urban Plant Protein
A Singapore start-up has developed a sustainable source of plant protein fermentating a strain of algae using food waste in fermentation tanks. With the demand to feed 10 billion people by 2050, it is necessary for alternative protein options as current sources of protein may not meet the demands of the growing population With its rapid fermentation process, this plant protein offers attractive alternatives to animal protein. These benefits include higher food security and safety, mitigated supply chain risks, more economic to produce and a small urban-based manufacturing footprint. For consumers, the sustainable plant protein contains the full suite of nutrients recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO). It also contains higher amount of total Essential Amino Acids (EAA) than real seafood. The unique plant protein has the potential to be realised as a high quality protein flour or concentrate, health supplement, alternative protein food such as plant-based seafood and as a quality fish feed. These applications will interest potential partners such as plant-based food makers, supplement companies, conventional food manufacturers and animal farms.
Vegetarian Egg-Replacement Tech For Excellent Eating Quality, Functionality And Nutrition
This Vegetarian Egg-Replacement Technology (VERT) is a break-through system for egg-alternative cooking that is good for nutritious AND “tastes just like the real thing”! Why VERT? The egg industry is fraught with problems in product safety, instability, animal welfare issues, high costs and major waste streams. More than 30% of the world’s population is vegan or vegetarian but there are no quality egg replacers available, despite a growing demand. We developed the VERT technology to provide consumers, food service and industry with natural great tasting preparations having most of the properties of natural eggs in a convenient omelette dry mix, chilled or frozen VERT productsare totally cholesterol-free, egg-free and is lower in fat than natural eggs and the contained fat is mostly polyunsaturated plus excellent protein value and essential amino acid profile. Innovation and Convenience VERT shelf-stable powder mixes are instantly dispersible in water and then ready for use in the normal way.  Other formats include ready-to-cook chilled liquid products as well as chilled, frozen or retorted ready meals. These products are prepared from natural, readily available raw materials and contain no artificial preservatives or colours. The nutritional quality of VERT Omelet is very high.  The contained protein is of a quality substantially equivalent to normal egg protein with excellent essential amino acid profile.  VERTproducts also contain natural vitamin E, lecithin and other useful vitamins, minerals and nutrients to match real eggs. The company is seeking to partner with manufacturers to license and commercialise the product.
Plant-Based Meat Technology Serving Consumers Pork Flavour, Texture and Aroma
There is a growing demand for plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods due to growing concerns about health and the environmental consequences of animal agriculture. However, plant-based alternatives often may not completely recreate the taste and texture profile of their meat-based counterparts.  A foodtech startup has developed plant-based meat that is designed and created to look like, taste like, and cook like conventional meat. Unlike vegetarian mock meat products, this plant-based pork substitute satisfies like meat in terms of texture, flavour and aroma.